December 7, 2022

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Emergency declaration: Change your details on Taxisnet immediately – find out why

AADE: Natural and legal persons, as well as legal entities, who are authorized users of the electronic services of the Independent Public Revenue Authority are invited to update their contact details with the tax office.

This anticipates a decision by the AADE Commander, Giorgos Petsilis, stating that in the event of incorrect contact details, AADE assumes no responsibility.

That is, a taxpayer who has not updated his information, he will not be able to invoke it, for example. Didn’t see email related to notifying the IRS about a problem.

In accordance with the decision, natural and legal persons, as well as legal entities, who are authorized users of the electronic services of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, must update in the myAADE digital portal, in the “Registration and Contact” option and in the “Contact Information” their electronic contact information, That is, their e-mail addresses (e-mail) and telephone numbers (mobile and landline).This data may, at the option of the interested party, be synchronized with the National Contact Registry (NRC).

For electronic communications, the person dealing with AADE declares at least one of the following:

Personal email, as an email address they can access. Notifications are sent to this address for publication – a notification of all Tax Administration acts, documents and informational messages to the taxpayer’s account in the myAADE Electronic Notices application, including those that may contain sensitive personal data, that are not related to a citizen’s tax returns or tax obligations .

Email Fulfillment Assistant. The electronic address of the person who agrees to assist the declarant in fulfilling his tax or other obligations shall be declared as such. During the process of advertising the electronic address, the interested citizen has to choose from an exclusive list of roles (for reference, accountant, advisor, relative/familiar person) his relationship with the fulfillment assistant.

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Notifications are sent to the email address of the Fulfillment Assistant to post notifications to the taxpayer’s account in the myAADE Electronic Notifications application, of AADE’s deeds, documents, and informational messages.

It may contain sensitive personal data resulting from or included in a citizen’s tax returns or tax obligations (such as E1 returns, corrective or administrative actions).

With the taxpayer consent requirement (check box), personal data (sensitive or non-sensitive), which is not related to the tax obligations of the citizen to the tax administration (such as fines for immunized persons, notification of the individual payment notifications are not tax obligations, such as traffic fines, etc.) may also be contained. obligations in favor of third parties, etc.).

In the event of disagreement, the notification is sent only to the “personal email” or, if this is not recorded, the notification is executed in accordance with the written provisions (in writing).

When filling in the mobile phone number, personal email and Fulfillment Assistant email, the details are confirmed by sending a 6-digit code (respectively to phone or email) to the transaction and, for the latter, to the Fulfillment Assistant.

An update of contact information must be made for each change, and the decision states: “The taxpayer cannot invoke changes in contact information against AADE until the date of the update.”

Until the electronic contact details are updated by the taxpayer, email addresses already declared in AADE are considered compatible with the “Personal Email” option.

If the taxpayer has already declared two e-mail addresses, the address declared in the specified field as “Mail” is considered compatible with the “Personal E-mail” option, while the address declared in the specified field as “Additional mail” is considered compatible with the “E-mail” option shipping assistant.

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AADE: She asks us to become…brutal

The state is desperate with tax evasion AADE is going to consumers asking them to start snoring (!) with a special app!

AADE will soon give consumers the ability to report professionals to the tax office who issue “monkeys” receipts, through a special application available from the Play Store and App Store and will be installed on smartphones.

For those who report cases in which tax evasion has already been proven, a tax reduction bonus or participation in a lottery with large amounts of money will be offered.

Pursuant to a decision by AADE, a tender will be held to create an application aimed at implementing digital control of retail sales receipts.

The application will integrate the ability to scan a QR code, will display the results and if there is an indication of a violation, it will enable the user to send the relevant information to A.

The application will be distributed through Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) online stores.

The functional characteristics of the application will be as follows:

QR code scanning mechanism for retail sales receipts.

Autosend query to related database for FHM

Present the result in an easy and understandable way.

Possibility of photocopying the paper receipt as a continuation of the result with evidence of violation.

Send the receipt (basic information, photo, check result in the database) and optionally the user’s geographic location (geo-reference) to the information collection and management system A.

An option to provide information, either after user identification (with taxi network codes), or anonymously.

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Ability to view media messages

The operating environment is in Greek and English.

Publish stats to monitor app usage

Operating on Android and iOS.

The common visual part of the app will be common to all platforms, so as not to create confusion, and will follow A.’s corporate identity guide (logo, colors, etc.).

The possibility of promotions.

Enhanced ease of use. Clear and easy-to-use navigation in individual application sections.

The following will be taken as minimum possible evidence of a violation:

Receipt not sent

Receipt forwarded with different details

F. Not declared or inactive

F. Declared with other business details (AFM, address).


Many stores already issue receipts with a QR code, which the consumer receiving the receipt will be able to scan the QR code using the AADE app.

The application will inform Taxisnet of the content of the voucher and then check if the selected voucher is registered in the voucher issuer’s MyData.

As long as it is also registered in MyData, the entrepreneur has no problem. However, if it turns out that there is no such receipt in MyData, this means that the particular entrepreneur issues receipts from an illegal “parallel” mechanism or cash register, and, of course, does not declare the entire turnover.

The Entrepreneur will be automatically added to the list of Entrepreneurs under Control and a crew will be dispatched to conduct a pre-emptive examination on site.