February 5, 2023

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Emotion in Sania: Dog – “Hatchiko” waiting outside house for dead boss – Newsbomb – News

Despite the best efforts of the neighbours, the dog is removed from the house and patiently waits for its owner, who was tragically killed 24 hours earlier.

A touching story of a dog reminiscent of the film’s famous Hachiko, in which he waits for his dead master for years. Sania of Crete.

A 53-year-old dog was found dead in Sania. She waits in vain for their roommate to come home.

A 53-year-old neighbor said it was the dog The unfortunate 53-year-old’s only companyAn animal that cherishes their friendship until the last minute and waits for his return.

Neighbors try to remove it from the scene, feed it and give it some water, but that’s it He paces restlessly in and out of the house, watching the street, waiting for his boss to return.

Signalling’s police officers stay at home and collect evidence to help them trace the culprit or culprits of a serious crime.

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