November 29, 2022

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Emotional Predictions 4/11 –

The Moon stays in Pisces which directly affects the signs of the changing cross (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Deeper issues and internal conflicts emerge in a certain way and we can feel that they do not allow us to move forward with our lives undisturbed. It is important to turn inward and move forward with a meditation that can lead to valuable conclusions. We discover ourselves, our weaknesses, but at the same time we also discover the way we can deal with each situation that has left its mark.


In your love life, it is best to avoid discussions about topics that cause you discomfort and deal with what pleases you and makes you happy. If you are single, you will soon make interesting acquaintances, so keep your eyes open. You should be very careful today before drawing conclusions about some people or situations, because today negatively affects your psyche. Remember that it is easy to get carried away by wrong judgments and to be counterproductive. Keep trying and don’t give up. With slow and steady steps you will surely get good results.

the Bull

Emotionally, things will be off and this is causing you discomfort. Take some initiative to get closer to your partner and not expect everything from them. If you are still waiting for new acquaintances to enter your life, then it is good to deal with something that will please you and perhaps in this way you will meet new people with similar interests and interests. Today is the time to be more active than usual and keep up with upcoming developments. Today is good for any kind of daring or adventurous, and if you decide to take a risk, you will be surprised at the positive results you will get.


In your love life, today you can give the clarifications you want and correct some situations that tire and oppress you in your relationship. Remember that solutions are in front of you and that your partner is willing to accept them, as long as you promote them in a calm manner. If you are alone, pleasant developments await you tonight, which will make you especially happy, and involve someone from the past. You have to watch your movements, because you tend to take some situations to their extremes. It is better to remain calm, to be able to efficiently solve the issues that are bothering you.

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Your partner will express some complaints about your relationship and the fact that you are not spending the time that he should and need to feel fulfilled. Make sure you don’t go against his words because things can go to extremes where you least expect them. The love life of a free-spirited Cancer is especially favorable and brings many interesting acquaintances to your doorstep. There will be significant changes in your life today and another surprise will follow, which will have a huge impact on your behavior and attitude towards the people around you.


You will be able to have a good time in your relationship today. The side of the day will give you a lot of romance and sexual excitement. The lack of sign commitment is good for spending the day and night away from potential lovers, who are very loud! Don’t be under the illusion that love will overwhelm you, but with slow and steady steps you can fall in love. The day will come with some inevitable events, which will complicate some situations and put you in many question marks. You have to think enough calm and realistic, use all the wits you have and look away. You may encounter some problems, but fortunately you can overcome them all just fine, with the actions you take.


Today you should rely on your own strength and not expect others to solve your problems or to free you from your notions. The aspect of the day affects you positively and you are very likely to have an interesting conversation. Emotionally, today it is very likely that you will hear words from your partner that will make you angry. Make sure to remain calm so that tensions and disagreements do not arise between you. If you are still lonely, today you can unleash your magic to flirt and spend quality time with the people you care about.

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Dear Zyge, there are some situations that bother you and because you feel like you can’t do anything about them, you leave them unresolved and constantly avoid them. But you will not be able to escape this way. Leave your logic and come up with solutions, even if you have to change some of your established opinions and tactics. In your love life, my friend Zyge, everything is going well and you see your relationship with greater optimism and faith. If you’re still in the research phase, use your charms for the acquaintance that interests you. Misunderstandings and problems will arise in your business, for which you need a great attitude on your part.

The scorpion

Scorpio friend, on Friday there will be a lot of tension, especially about issues of the past. You have left some issues and they are still bothering you. However, the energy that you have today will help you take matters into your own hands and finish all the backlog. Your need to talk to your partner and acknowledge your feelings and concerns about the future of your relationship will be great today and you will find the response you want from them. If you’re still single, go out and have fun and don’t shut yourself down, because that way you won’t find what you want.


A strange day begins for you in the sphere of your love life, if you are a Sagittarius. Some secrets about your partner’s past are revealed and make you sad. Don’t get hung up on the details and face the future of your relationship with hope. As for you, who still walks hand in hand with loneliness, an unexpected invitation will make you a person from your friendly environment, will make you forget your pain for a while. There are some delays that bother you and you want to change a lot of things. Be careful with your behavior and don’t be drawn to wrong actions because of your impulsiveness.

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Perhaps you should relax a little and put your tasks in order. Everything you do needs to be thought and not rushed. Trust your abilities and don’t stop in front of the small obstacles that may happen to you! Capricorn friend, in your love life it is better to relax in your relationship and avoid conversations that will lead to your separation from your partner. And if you still feel lonely in your arms, spend a pleasant evening with your loved ones and do not let this spoil your mood. In your work, you will have the opportunity to correct many mistakes that delayed your plans.


Dear Aquarius, today your abilities will become the means to achieve what you want, so that you can effectively launch your plans. Any issues that have remained stagnant will be put to good use and you will be able to implement your ideas in a dynamic manner. Emotionally, things are going well and you will be able to let go of many problems that concern you and your partner and you will be alone again. Aquarius is unbound, do not sit still and seize the opportunities that the planets will provide you with, to meet your great love. Some small problems and adversities will appear in your career.


Emotionally, dear Pisces, your charm and sexual arousal are strong and your relationship will take off today. You who still drink coffee in your loneliness, do not lose your patience and good mood. Soon everything will be fine and the company you will find will exceed your expectations. Dear Pisces, today’s Friday will force you to trust yourself and rely on your strengths, and avoid expecting anything from others. You may feel a little more tired, but in the end you will do well and be proud of what you can achieve.