February 6, 2023

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Epic Games Store: The free game leaked today, and everyone probably wants it!

on Christmas Eve Epic Games Store give its users Metro: Last Light Reduxwhich you can get Click here. However, the address that the service will be delivering has been leaked today, December 25th.

More specifically, as a well-known Twitter user says, Wario 64However, as we have seen from Resetthe Christmas game on the Epic Games Store will be the game death strand she has Kojima Productions.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hideo Kojima appears to be in the “Free Games” category of the Digital Store and can be yours for free. All you have to do is tune in tonight at unboxholics.com.

We will notify you at 18:00 when the free game becomes available.

Let us tell you somewhere here that this is a leak and something may change or something may not be 100 percent right. However, Epic Games used to give us such good games on Christmas Day, so it’s not at all likely that all of the above are actually true.

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