February 6, 2023

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Epic Games Store: We know what the next free games are

the epic games She has already revealed her next free games Epic Games Store. Therefore, after Epistory – Typing Chronicles, you will be able to enrich your digital collection with two titles that are slightly different in their style.

It’s called the first game Farewell It comes from the development team Harm. It’s a cinematic first-person adventure that challenges you to make some tough and complex decisions.

Goodbye will be available on Thursday here.

The second game is Others hell to her Strelka and Yonder games. This is Rogue-Like survival, which also supports multiplayer. The development team says that it is a PVPVE horror game that takes place in Century City. A city that “falls on the line between reality and madness”. So you are invited to explore and hunt other players.

Find the hell out of others here next Thursday.

Let us remind you that somewhere here, the above two addresses will become available at Thursday, January 26th at 6:00 PM.

However, if you haven’t got Epistory – Typing Chronicles yet, you can Click here. It is an aerial game where you will control a fox that fights against some creatures. So you are invited to explore a special world, where the story unfolds mysteriously.

For more free games stay tuned to Unboxholics.com.

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