June 1, 2023

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Epic Games will give you three games that deserve your attention

the epic games Have already revealed the following games that will give you absolutely free on thursday through Epic Games Store. More specifically, this time you will be able to download three titles, instead of one or two, as happens every time.

1the The game is Kill all enemies By Microwave Games It is an indie game that you can play either alone or against your friends. It’s one of the classic “party games” for a relaxing Saturday night with your friends, where each player competes for first place in various competitions.

2the it’s the Horizon Chase Turbo From AQUIRIS, a race inspired by the legendary games of the 80’s and 90’s, with classic arcade gameplay and of course endless speed. With beautiful graphics and a special aesthetic, this title will “turn a blind eye” to fans of the genre. In fact, it has 12 different cups, 48 ​​cities, 111 tracks, 33 cars, and many upgrades.

3the And the last game you will download on Thursday is no kangaroo By Tate Multimedia SA, a 3D action-adventure platformer that promises endless fun, action and mystery. So you will control Kao as he embarks on a special adventure in an effort to uncover clues to his father’s disappearance.

All three titles will be available at Thursday 4 May at 18:00 Greek time And you will be in the “Free Games” category for a week. We will update you with a new article when it becomes available.

Finally, a reminder that once they’re in your account, they’ll be yours forever.

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