March 23, 2023

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Europe’s Queens: After Elizabeth, Everyday Women Take the Throne and Guilty Pasts – Newsbomb – News

Everyday women, with … guilty pasts, who are or will be queens in European courts

It was the end of an era for many Houses of Elizabethan Europe United kingdom Since they came to the throne – according to the “Helen” program report on Mega, the new impressive everyday woman.

before you marry him King of Spain, PhilipLetitia Ortiz was a working journalist and news anchor.

In 2013, a book about her life was published, in which the author claimed that the princess had her miscarriage.

the Maxima Surgta, from Argentina was a bank executive when he met the heir to the throne of the Netherlands. Her father was the Minister of Agriculture in the dictatorial regime.

the Matthew Marit HobbyShe is the daughter of divorced parents while her father married a stripper. When she met the Crown Prince of Norway, Mette was a single mother while her partner had served time in prison.

the Sophia Helvest She was a lingerie model, and became famous in Sweden by participating in a spicy reality show. After the reality show, she moved to New York where she worked as a bartender, waitress, and yoga teacher. The romantic relationship with Haakon, the heir to the Swedish throne, caused a scandal.

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