October 1, 2022

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Eurydiki Valavani – Konstantinos Vassalos: This is the truth about their relationship

The Kostas Kokinakis He gave an interview on the show our breakfast And for journalist Christos Lacey.

The pole athlete, in a rare interview, spoke about his personal life, about his relationship with Cristina Kanelopoulo, while also responding to what is written and heard about his relationship. Constantinos Vasalos with the Eurydice Flavani.

Referring to his partner Christina, Costas Kokinakis characteristically said: “She is a very good person, and it means a lot to me. She has a sense of humor, she makes me laugh, she is perfect.”

Regarding the negative comments about the age difference with his sweetheart, he said, “I can’t understand why they would comment on our age difference. What’s better than being peers and joking? If there are two people, well, I guess that’s enough. We didn’t think about marriage. From Christina at all.

The truth about the relationship between Eurydiki Valavani and Konstantinos Vassalos

Finally, he addressed the rumors of the divorce of Yuridiki Flavani and Konstantinos Vassalos, saying, “Yesterday we were at the lawyer and they were getting a divorce. We were together in the summer in Crete with my family. I don’t know why people care so much whether the couple marry, start a family, or separate. It’s personal matters, when something happens you’ll be the last to know.”

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