February 7, 2023

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Eva Kaylie: In the presence of psychologists, she saw her daughter – her father to the investigator – Newsbomb – news

In a special area of ​​the prisons, she saw her two-year-old daughter Eva Kylie 1 month later. Meanwhile, on January 11, Eva Kylie’s father and wife will appear before the investigator.

She succeeded today for the first time after her arrest Eva Kylie to see her two-year-old daughter Haren prisons, where he is being held. The MEP’s father took the child and they stayed there for 3 hours.

Kylie met him child The presence of two psychologists and a social worker in a private area. According to her lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, the Belgian authorities used the child as a child pressure lever For Eva Kylie to confess.

This was said by Mr. Dimitracopoulos in his statements to the Italian press “Maybe they didn’t let her see the child to force her to confess and admit that she did something.” In fact, she announced that she has asked to see her child on other occasions.

Meanwhile, on January 11, Eva Kylie’s father and wife will appear before the investigator in the Qatar Gate scandal. Sources say it may have something to do with the bag of money her father was caught with at a well-known hotel.

It is noteworthy that his interrogation will take place a few days before Eva Kylie’s hearing regarding her new request to be released from prison. Kylie’s hearing will take place on January 20 or 23 and will be the last from the Banchery Circuit to appear before the investigator.

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The role of MEP Partner Francesco Giorgi is a critical one. According to a researcher at De Standaard, György tried to become the Social Democrats’ coordinator of decisions in the European Parliament. Even within the party there were people who did not trust him because of his bizarre approaches to human rights issues.

The researcher reveals that for every decision passed with their influence, they received €50,000 from Morocco. Sources indicate that there was a kind of “circle” that Georgie and Eva Kylie were a part of. So the question arises, “How did Kylie know nothing?”.

Antonio Pancheri in the spotlight

The alleged mastermind of the Qatar Gate gang is at the center of investigations by the Belgian authorities, while anger prevails among Italian trade union groups, who say he has tarnished the image of trade unions in Italy with his involvement in a corruption scandal in the European Parliament.

On the other hand, its main article “Evening”who is investigating Qatar Gate, refers to the Belgian MEP Marie Arena, who has been in the press in the past for his possible involvement in the scandal, but is not among the MEPs for whom immunity has been sought.

The new article talks about Arena’s close relationship with Antonio Pancheri, but also about the phone call she received from Eva Kylie on December 9.

Reports indicate that the Greek MEP was called in a panic into the square when her partner, Giorgi, was arrested, with the Belgian trying to reassure her.

The same post states that Arena-Pancheri spoke on the phone at least 350 times, according to data from analytics of the phones of those being screened for the scam.

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