December 4, 2022

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Evening of the straight road and … Adaptation to Olympiacos – Articles – Nikos Zervas – Articles – Olympiacos Basketball

When confronting a team with Three consecutive victories As you come off a two-game losing streak at home, the tension multiplies. The Olympic He knew her before the respondent mixed with her were supporters That he does not take him for another defeat in the SEF, because the entire tank will be completely empty with … the milk he collected with the three victories in Spain. Against an incomplete team, which was before the biggest match TrapBut he managed not only to fall into it, but to “lean” on the opponent’s lack of strength and reach an easy victory.

After all, only a few nights have passed since the Serbian team defeated Panathinaikos in Oaxaca. Almost with the same players as well instead of injured Exum Who played last week, made it available this time nanali. The Serbs who were awarded the national team didn’t play in the Euroleague anyway, except for Anjusic, so any disparagement of his team ObradovicIt will be disastrous. With that in mind, Barzoka’s players took the field seriously and with their solid defense, only betrayed in the first half by six defensive rebounds they lost and the phenomenal attacking talent of Nunnally and Pander, they dominated the tempo from the start. And they practically never lost it.

Although the first plans were shattered by Walkup’s second quick mistake, Olympiacos grabbed Partizan by 14 points in First Quarterwe take good canaan season during this period. Then came the second good spell of Peters, because the point is that all the new additions find their role and play their part with their potential. The +7 figure for the first part looks poor if you see that Olympiacos shot 58% in two shootouts and 53% in threes and was 13 passes for five fouls. Of course, two of them happened in the last 14.5 inches of the second quarter, from a foul-entering throw, after a timeout. Something also happened against Valencia, so it is food for thought and action. Another explanation was the only two points scored by “red and white” surprise (including the first basket of the game by Canaan!) and in only 5 mistakes In which the Partizan players fell.

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When the pressure was in the second half, the state counted a total of 20 for the Serbs. Makes sense and due to fatigue from their short turns, but the logic wears off when you don’t play according to it. When the score went to 48-45 at 24′, everything went well. The warm applause of the crowd made the necessary commotion, the defense was correct and allowed only 13 points To Partizan to the end, the result was that victory came easily. Perhaps the pressure that was present would have been even greater if he hadn’t put out his little hand Lorentzakis. In place of a very good Papanicolaou for his fourth foul, the 29-year-old scored 11 of his 14 points in a three-minute span and dashed Partizan’s hopes of a straight double on Greek soil.

In defense, assists were served correctly, guests without a second playmaker used a trick with a point guard until the positive for the first time this year in the competition Papapetro This is how Olympiacos arrived 12 steals, he got points in transition and now that he has protected his defensive bounce, he has reached clear dominance based on the photo. Slukas was excellent both executively and creatively, Vyzenkov … Relax 25 points in the ranking The final score for assists/faults was 24 for 11. Combining them with 58.8% on two shots and especially with 14/27 3 throws (51.9%), we have all the components of a three, and the fifth win for Olympiacos. in the Euroleague.

From Saturday … begins a strange preparation for the difficult match against Munich Bayern, as a special condition for “windows”, to which a final solution must be found for the common good, coach Bartzokas deprives international players Papanicolaou, Larentzakis and Lontzis, who will meet with their teammates on Wednesday directly in the capital. . Andrea Trenchieri’s team survived the German “civil war” with Alba, achieving its second straight win, and for Olympiakos’ fourth away win, it should be. The same and more efficient defensively As in the game with Partizan. And of course the summer transfers must appear at the same level of modification…

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note Leonzis’ presence in the 11 minutes he played was very good. In addition to giving his teammates a breath, he made a very good defense in person and with help from the weak side, while also making three steals.

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