February 6, 2023

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Exclusive: Co-production in Greece of the IRIS-T SLS / SLM / SLX with EAS-Diehl Defense Cooperation Memorandum!

EAS (Hellenic Defense Systems) has today signed an important memorandum of cooperation with the Diehl Defense division of the well-known German group Hellenic Defense Systems. Ground air defense missile system irist slm/SLS.

The memorandum, which not only renews the cooperation of the two sides in the European missile field, in which the air-to-air version has already been a partner since the beginning of the program in the 1990s, but also specifically strengthens and extends it. GBAD (Ground Air Defense) critical area with IRIS-T SLM / SLS systems, which the German side has already developed, produced and offered to customers.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of EAS AEVE by the Managing Director and Business Development Consultant Nikolaos Kostopoulos It is German o Helmut Rauch Diehl Defense CEO, in the presence of Athanasius TsiolkasChairman of the Board of Directors of EAS, Secretary to the Ministry of Finance Antonis Okonomo and Director General of GDAEE Vice Admiral (M)ea Aristides Alexopoulos (PN).

When signing the Memorandum of Cooperation at the offices of the Greek company in Ymittos, it was confirmed that the only Greek organization with expertise in the full scope of these systems infrastructure cooperates with an international group with particularly successful programs in several areas of defense but also that has shown willingness and capabilities to provide knowledge and transfer Technology within these partnerships.

The EAS-Diehl Defense Memorandum comes at a critical juncture of international conditions but also of Greece’s aspirations, given the very great needs of the Hellenic Armed Forces in GBAD, both for the replacement of existing systems (due to obsolete or obsolete systems and due to Soviet/Russian origin systems) and further strengthening of sectors in defense ground air.

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It should be noted that over the past decade Diehl has embarked on the development of the IRIS-T air-to-air missile (today it is the European high-performance WVR missile for a number of air forces on the Old Continent) for use from the ground, on a variety of ground-based launchers.

in its basic version IRIS-T SLT, already in use since 2015, based on the missile’s autonomous target acquisition capability thanks to the advanced IIR seeker, provides highly cost-effective GBAD solution with V/SHORADS system for all-weather coverage, for threats in a 360° arc, effective range up to 12 km Intercept heights of up to 8 km. It is emphasized that the IRIS-T SLT provides the advantage of a shared stock of missiles with aerial applications (i.e. missiles available to the PA) “breaking” the monopoly MICA has so far advocated.

In the advanced version, a modified missile with a different cone is used to reduce drag, which is eliminated in the process, since the IIR seeker only has a final guidance role as the missile is guided via uplink and INS/GPS. In addition, this version has a larger diameter rocket motor for increased performance. The IRIS-T SLM medium-range array adds a 250 km long multi-role AESA radar and the C2 system, which controls three firing units (each with eight ready-to-fire missiles) extending coverage to 40 km (20 km per altitude) against combat aircraft, attack helicopters and missiles. Cruise and anti-radar missiles, guided bombs, roving munitions, drones, MEAM missiles, as well as large caliber artillery missiles.

There is also a long-range IRIS-T SLX version in final development with a missile that increases the kinematic performance to a range of 8o km (30 km in altitude) by having dual seekers (IIR and RF).

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IRIS-T SLTs, which have already seen combat operations in Ukraine (via arrays provided as aid by the German government), could be a prime candidate to replace outdated and ineffective SA-8s against emerging threats in Greek service. In addition, the IRIS-T SLM / SLX can penetrate HAWKs with a comprehensive family of GBADs, which can be easily linked with other elements of the Greek ground air defense.

What is particularly interesting is that Diehl recently introduced and the marine version of the IRIS-T SLT/SLM For ship air defense, it operates on the same MICA chassis for naval use.

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