March 31, 2023

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Expensive – The frame you’ll see everywhere this spring exudes luxury

Tire takes honors in the new season and Chiara Ferragni started.

The influential personality opened the doors to the most timeless, elegant and elegant hairstyle, the frame.

It never goes out of fashion and its strict line never changes, there are simply some small details that vary according to the season and therefore what’s new trends.

So what is a file Expensive Bob What will occupy us this spring? Basically, the focus is on building of poetry. The hairdresser with either thinning scissors or a razor disturbs the hair structure, which leads to thinning of the ends. The bob’s strict line—the hair is one length—is lost and is more relaxed and lighter. The frame is very thin, which gives movement to the edges.

On the subject of design, on this one framework They are all suitable. From a straight straight, to an inward-moving straightening or an intense split, with volume at the roots for a more voluptuous look.

From Chiara to Lori Harvey who showed up in Paris and left us all speechless, these insta suggestions below are sure to inspire you to say yes to this. Look “expensive frame”.

With internal movement:

Straightforward, but by no means strict:

With side dividers:

With hair clips:

Slight split, with a shorter fringe:

With scale and movement:

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