November 30, 2022

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Extension to 12/30/2022 for supporting documents and resolution of employee retention issues

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Monday 7 November 2022

press release

Clarifications of unjustly paid amounts from the refunded advance

After a series of institutional interventions by the government and the Ministry of Finance to support businesses affected by the economic impacts of Covid-19, through the seven cycles of recoverable advances, a joint ministerial decision was launched To deal with technical issues that arose during the issuance of certificates with amounts unduly paid from the refundable advance executed on 02/11/2022.

In particular, the aforementioned Joint Ministerial Resolution will provide for the following:

the first. exhausted every possible time window, Strictly extended to 01/31/2023, unnecessarily paid advance refundable payments.
side by side, The deadline for submitting supporting documents on the online platform “myBusinessSupport” has been extended to 12/30/2022 Independent Public Revenue Authority for those corporations – Beneficiaries who have not yet submitted the supporting documents required in full to receive assistance through the Refund Advance.

Second. It is clear that for the criterion of granting the advance assistance that relates to maintaining the average number of employees, based on the data of the Arjani system, now The obligation to maintain the number of employees will be considered fulfilled if the difference in the average number of employees during the months of the obligation to maintain varies by less than one unit (versus the zero applied so far) with respect to the initial number of employees employed in the company. This way, for example, if a company terminates an employee’s contract for one month, but hires another employee the following month, that will be deemed to meet the standard of maintaining headcount..

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Third. Taking into account the foregoing, for cases in which the wrongfully paid amounts were confirmed based on the liquidation operations that took place on 02/11/2022, if the reasons for refusal no longer exist with the submission of the required supporting documents, these are Reconfirmation will be made, under the same conditions as other beneficiaries.

The government and the Ministry of Finance are practically showing support for all those affected by the economic effects of the Coronavirus, exhausting every time and financial margin through the extraordinary measure of the seven cycles of refunds.