February 6, 2023

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Eyeliner: the mistake you make and your eyes look smaller

who does not love her Eyelinerwho do not have this particular product in their egos, even those who do not use it – I am one of them.

he’s one A classic makeup productwhich accentuates the shape of the eyes, changes it and makes them more impressive, seductive, and cat-like, but with the wrong use, it can distort the eyes and spoil the look of the makeup, of course.

Everyone knows how to use it makeup to highlight its features. The wrong product or wrong step can cost a lot when it comes to makeup.

If we had to choose the dreaded cosmetics, cosmetics that require care in handling, then Eyeliner It is the first thing that comes to mind. It is obviously a product that we can all apply on our eyelids, but depending on the shape of our eyes, there are a few details we need to take care of.

the Eyeliner On the lower eyelid, it can highlight the shape and color of the eyes, and make the makeup look more intense and sharp, as we usually say in the world of beauty and to emphasize the eyes.

However, dark eyeliner – black, gray and blue – only on the lower eyelid can make the look tired – beige and white, on the contrary, lighten it. In fact, for those who have small eyes, this is especially intense, because the dark eyeliner on the lower eyelid makes them look even smaller and attracts the attention of others there.

A bare line on the lower eyelid distorts your eyes, makes them appear smaller than they are, and of course no one wants that.

alternative proposal, So as not to reduce the size of your eyesApplying eyeliner to the outer corner of your eyes. Specifically, apply it to the upper and lower outer roots of the eyelids. Check in the mirror after applying mascara and if your eyes look tired, add black pencil to the lower and inner roots of your eyelids.

This will make your look sexy and attractive, while it will not change the size of your eyes at all, on the contrary, it will create the appearance of a cat’s eye, and the result will be simply excellent.

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