December 7, 2022

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Facebook is also moving ahead with mass layoffs from tomorrow

After a few days of shock Mass layoffs on Twitter by Elon MuskAnother internet giant is taking the same path.

The deadmain company FacebookMass layoffs will begin from tomorrow, Wednesday, the company’s CEO said Mark ZuckerbergAnd the According to a Wall Street Journal report.

In an executive meta meeting, Zuckerberg took the company’s business slips. as he said it Overly optimistic about the company’s growth It led to over-employment.

The layoffs will focus on talent acquisition and business plan workgroups. Those who will lose their jobs will be notified Wednesday morning (US time).

The head of the group’s human resources department, in turn, said that the dismissed They will receive at least four wages as compensation.

last friday Twitter She laid off nearly half of her staff — at least that was Musk’s plan.

But already in the previous days it was known that Amazon and Apple have suspended hiring new employees.

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