December 3, 2022

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Fai Skoda talks for the first time about leaving ANT1

“There were important reasons, it wasn’t because of an emotional charge. I’m now very conscious in SKAI. The show has changed its look and theme. I’m a person of entertainment, I want to entertain, the world said Faye Skorda.

The Faye Scoreds He made statements to Hamogila, Bali, and Maria Kokolaki, who spoke about her departure from ANT1 and her new career move at SKAI.

“It was a very conscious decision. I don’t make changes easily on a personal level. There were important reasons, it wasn’t made for sentimental charges. I am now very conscious of SKAI. The show has changed its look and theme. I am an entertainer, I want to entertain, and make people forget.” The circle is closed, but there are still some relationships with people,” Fay Scordas initially said.

“Every year is difficult. It has changed a little with the viewing numbers. Now the emissions that make up 30% are counted on the fingers. That has changed. However, I have the opinion that we are not changing others but ourselves. I am trying to be better. You have done your best and you are waiting until You see the results… There was never a question of changing the showtime.The difficulty was that we started preparing so late, when you arrive on July 20th for a handshake, two weeks after August 15th, there are very few days to prepare for the show.Maybe it is my fault that I am late , but I like to be right. I was waiting for a circuit to close, and selfishly didn’t see it if I didn’t find it, search for it or create it. I wanted to close the circuit properly, to be sure, and then looked for another solution. I could have booked something else from January” he added Faye Scorda.

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