June 9, 2023

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Families of trapped miners worried in Berkwa

Families of trapped miners worried in Berkwa

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In Burkina Faso, families are still waiting. They gather every day at the headquarters of the Crisis Committee, waiting for news of the rescue team. Even if pumping operations developed very quickly with the arrival of new machines.

According to families, Pumping operations are developing very quicklyUnlike the early days of operation. Over 42 million liters of water have been pumped so far. Rescuers approach the shelter room where the eight minors would have taken shelter.

The big question is whether minors are able to access the shelter room According to the leaders of the crisis committee, the option of sending divers to speed up the search is on the table. But at this level, analyzes of the water are carried out to see if it poses no danger to divers.

We take firefighters to have the ability to dive and do checks.

Basulma Bazi, Minister of Public Service

It’s not easy. It’s been 26 days of pain. From morning to night we are completely concerned. We don’t know where our brothers are Antoine Bama resides.

The plight of families

Families wait, sitting in small groups under a shed and under trees. They decided to meet at the site where the crisis committee is sitting. They are torn between hope and anxiety. Like every day, family representatives participate in deciding the searches. Despite the progress of pumping, Maturin Bacho has a sad face.

As for the tribulation mine, it is because our brothers are stuck in the mine. That’s why we are sitting here in sorrow, to put it mildly. If we find them today, it will be really fun. The minister tells us to keep praying and this gives us hope. »

The phone in her hands Mrs. Bama, born Sylvie Pazimo, looks at my husband’s photos: “ I miss him so much. It’s been 26 days since he left home. Hope to come back. Every night I just pray. I don’t sleep anymore “.

Prayer is all that remains for the families of eight miners trapped 700 meters underground. In their rosy hands, they beg the heavens every day to find these workers and some association helps them with this.

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