September 22, 2023

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Fear and complete distortion of reality from Maximos Palace for Tsipras interview

Fear and complete distortion of reality from Maximos Palace for Tsipras interview

The proverbial text “They take the bull where we need it” is reminiscent of the government’s reaction to the Tsipras interview and what government representative Yannis Oikonomo said about the responsibilities of Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the surveillance scandal. The government and the Prime Minister are stuck on the back of the goat in the background Disclosures of document A list of observations centered on Maximos Palace was organized by the Prime Minister himself.

In particular, after the interview of the leader of SYRIZA on the Star channel, Alexis Tsipras launched a fierce attack on the representative of the government, Prime Minister and in a continuous attempt to hide his huge responsibilities in the wiretapping scandal. Official Leader of Opposition Mr. Accusing Mitsotakis of stalking proved once again the suffocating condition to which Maximos’ palace had fallen.

A. During his interview, Tsipras spoke of the destruction of the democratic process and blamed the prime minister for not responding for four months. The Leader of the Official Opposition demanded a direct answer as to whether any of the 33 people revealed by the documentary last Sunday included a politician who had been monitored by the EYP.

“Why is Mitsotakis hiding and not answering? Have you seen the disappearance of innocents? How many coincidences does Mr. Mitsotakis burn? Mr. Mitsotakis should not pretend to be angry and come to Parliament to answer. Mr. Mitsotakis is hiding, he didn’t come to Parliament for the inquiry committee debate, he didn’t come to the question I asked him, “He didn’t go to Pega group and he won’t come tomorrow. You never saw the innocent disappear, the guilty hide,” A. Tsipras remarked.

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In the reaction of Megaros Maximos to the so-called Tsipras, to Yanis Economou, among others, “the rule of law and democracy are not with contingencies and symptoms, anyway” had the audacity to try to completely distort reality. After accusing A. Tsipras of the scandalous list of predator surveillance revealed by Documento, he tried to “blame” the official opposition leader with the operation of another software, in fact, for monitoring Mitsotakis!

Not only did the government representative not provide answers to what the official opposition leader had raised, he again attacked the document for the revelations they were making. Worldwide and international mediaThe newspaper and A.Tsipras are asking to do the work but not letting justice be done!

Mr. He proved once again that he is willing to constantly reach new lows to shield Mitsotakis from responsibilities and parliamentary scrutiny. But his fear and guilt were no longer hidden.

In detail, Economou’s statement in the Tsipras interview:

Mr. Tsipras showed his political anxiety has turned into an obsession with Kyriakos Mitsotakis. This explains why he mentioned the Prime Minister 22 times in the 33-minute interview. At the same time, he firmly affirmed that he was identified with populism and lies. He is Mr. Accepting Vaxevanis’ “lists” in full, he demanded that the government prove that they were not, while demanding that his friend, the publisher of the document, provide evidence for his claims. By the same token, Pegasus malware has Mr. Anyone can blame Tsipras, he admitted tonight that it ran in his day, and as published, Kyriakos Mitsotakis fell victim to it too. However, there is no rule of law and no democracy with contingencies and symptoms.

In addition, he repeated the lie that Greece is too expensive for electricity, and yesterday, according to HEPI (European Energy Price Index) October data, Greece’s retail prices are the second cheapest among 15 European countries. Floating rates. In fact, at retail price, fluctuating tariffs, Spain’s price is 39% higher and Portugal’s is 6% higher. Mr. Countries that were Tsipras’ point of reference. Citizens see state support in their accounts, which comes largely from taxation of surplus profits at source rather than from the state budget. To support his lies, Mr. Tsipras does not note that Greece is the only country in Europe to date with a 90% tax on surplus profits and that the final amount is not calculated by the government as he falsely claimed. RAE itself. He went so far as to condemn the government for raising interest rates, he did not see what was happening anywhere else in the world. He didn’t just say that he would “beat the drum” and change “the law and the articles.”

And at the height of his prime, Mr. He presented the only alternative as forming a coalition government with SYRIZA with Varoufakis. Mr. Tsipras’s only proposal is the recycling of failure and misery. Greece has changed, mr. Tsipras is unlikely to sink it into disrepute and fall again.

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