February 5, 2023

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FIFA analyzes the first goal to decide whether Ronaldo or Fernandez scores

World Cup 2022

The moment Cristiano Ronaldo dived to catch Bruno Fernandes’ pass

According to O Jogo, the FIFA Technical Committee will review and analyze the first goal kick against Uruguay to determine if it was indeed Bruno Fernandes or Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the goal.

its first target Portugal Opposite Uruguay (2-0) in 54′ he was credited Bruno FernandezAnd the Although at first, there was some confusion as it took some time to learn the recorder.

And that’s because Fernandez cross from the left with Cristiano Ronaldo It is thrown into the path of the ball, but it is not clear if he finally touched it before it ended up in the net with a 1-0 goal. Finally, the FIFA Fernandez record.

However, the Portuguese publication the game It states that the FIFA Technical Committee will review the goal plan and re-analyse it in more detail in order to determine who actually scored the first goal.

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