February 7, 2023

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Former King Constantine: Where His Funeral and Burial Will Be Held – Newsbomb – News

The question the inter-ministerial office will call is whether his funeral will take place Former Emperor Constantine Whether it will be public expenditure or not.

The Former Emperor Constantine passed away Tuesday night at the age of 83. The Former Emperor Constantine He was being treated in his ICU Health Hospital with Paralysis. However, his health was burdened by frequent hospitalizations.

From the first moment he was admitted to the hospital Health Hospital The Former Emperor Constantine He had his family by his side. Most people were, indeed, aware of the seriousness of his condition, so there were discussions about the question of his rites and burial.

Now the question is: Where will the funeral and burial of the former emperor Constantine take place?With his two sons, Milk And this NicoAttempt to resolve ongoing legal issues.

According to reports so far, the family of former King Constantine has spoken to the legal office to resolve pending legal issues related to the former king’s funeral and seek ways to resolve it. Family members reportedly want the former king’s body to be laid to rest in a state funeral with the honors of a head of state, on a popular pilgrimage to the metropolis.

The Greek government will decide on the rites to be followed at his funeral Former Emperor Constantine. According to the information, Megaros Maximos is determined not to let this matter develop into a series.

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The data so far shows that funeral rites No public expenditure will be incurred, while it will be decided whether there will be any Price On behalf of the Greek state, not a lower level and a head of state, but also whether there will be one A popular pilgrimage in the body.

The situation is often to do just that Burial of Constantine at Tatouine, unless the family wishes otherwise. Queen Frederica, who died in 1981 when memories of the 1974 referendum that changed the government and ended the regime in Greece were still fresh, is also buried in Tatou.

According to reports, Constantine’s sons were found in the palace of Maximos in an earlier period. Nicholas And milk, as well as Lawyer Konstantinos Litorikis is the former royal family of Greece’s affairs manager. Anyway, there will be A meeting of government officials, With the participation of leading players ministers, Probably the end on Wednesday morning (11/01). How will the funeral be conducted? of the former emperor Constantine.

Scenes for the funeral

The government has not decided where the funeral will take place. It is about the reconciliation of the family with the church, so that it takes place in the metropolis. The same applies to the possibility of mass pilgrimages, at least in terms of security measures, even if they understand that they need the help of the police and the image that they are not wanted by the government. It lasts for two or three days. It ultimately prevails that the body should be taken to the metropolis a few hours before the funeral, and that there be any one willing to worship there. His burial will take place in Tatoi, in the royal cemeteries, where his mother Frederikis is buried and where the royal cemeteries are located.

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