December 5, 2023

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Former Pope Benedict has passed away

Former Pope Benedict has passed away

The news of his death ex popethe first to abdicate in the past six centuries for health reasons in 2013, it was announced Vatican.

a few days ago behind him, Pope FrancisHe asked the believers to pray for him, as he said: “He is very ill.”

Benedict led the Catholic Church to less From eight yearsBut he spent the rest of his life in the Vatican.

Pope Francis had said earlier that he was on a visit Benedict regularly.

We are saddened to inform you that Mr Pope Emeritus Benedict The sixth died at 9:34…” reads the Vatican announcement, which at the same time stresses that more information will be released “as it becomes available.”

Benedict XVI was the 265th Pope, Bishop of Rome, head of the Roman Catholic Church and supreme ruler of the independent Vatican City State.

After his resignation, on February 28, 2013, he was given the title of “Pope Emeritus” (Pontifex Emeritus) and continued to speak as “Your Holiness, Benedict XVI”.

Italian public television RAI, broadcast that from Jan 2Pope Benedict’s body will be placed on the popular pilgrimage to the Vatican.

After that, a funeral is held, “which he will attend.” religious And the Policy leaders.

his life and work

Pope Emeritus Benedict, Joseph Rachingerwas born on April 27, 1927 in Passau, Germany.

His father came from a farming family and was a member of the district gendarmerieWhile his mother before marriage was working as a chef in different hotels.

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Ratzinger spent his teenage years a short distance from the Austrian border near Salzburg.

As he himself said, he was faced with the hostile attitude of Nazism towards it Catholic a church He was an eyewitness on the day of his parish priest got hit From Nazi.

During the Second World War it was classified in anti-aircraft reserves forces Then from 1946 to 1951 he studied theology and philosophy in Munich.

On June 29, 1951 fee a priest And immediately in Bonn they began to teach theology with professors of great renown at the time. He participated, as a scholar, in the Second Vatican Council, from 1962 to 1965. In 1977, Pope Paul VI appointed him Archbishop of Munich, and in the same year, the Pope himself appointed him Cardinal.

In 1981 AD Pope John Paul The second appointed Joseph Ratzinger head of the Vatican “Ministry” for the Health of the Faith and as the Vatican itself affirmed “his public work, as collaborator of Pope John Paul II, has been enduring and valuable”. Shortly before his death, the Polish Pope asked him to write Reflections of the Catholic Method of Martyrdom (The Cross) for Easter 2005, at the Colosseum.

in a April 19, 2005 Benedict elected the pope by concave cardinals.

Its main reference, the need to achieve peace in all regions of the planet. side by side, Try to me Limit the bureaucracy power Several senior Vatican ministries are headed by clergy and they also stress interfaith dialogue, especially with the Orthodox. There has been no shortage of analysts who have confirmed that Benedict wants it revive some Habit data she has Deliverystarting with his own clothing: for example, he again dons a red cloak and hat, carmauro and tabaro, and red shoes.

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As the Italian press wrote, it was so first pope who asked sorry From Harassment victims and sexual abuse committed by clerics.

He met many victims of these reprehensible and traumatic behaviors. For example, with regard to Ireland, in 2006 the Pope called for the resignation of its bishops who did not fight cases of child abuse within the Catholic Church with sufficient firmness. In 2011, however, some links victims excesses The clergy have appealed to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, accusing the German pope and other high-ranking Vatican clerics of crimes against humanity and covering up sexual abuse. In 2012, Links’ attorneys dropped the lawsuit and charges.

On February 28, 2013, Mr Benedict resigned officially by the Pope, causing enormous surprise to the faithful Catholics and others.

The reason for this decision was, as he himself emphasized, his own health problems, which he was experiencing worsened.