March 23, 2023

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Fragolias collects things about leukemia: “I’m sorry, I wanted to say one more thing” (vid)

Kostas Fragolias caused reactions with his statement that he had leukemia, and as a result he snapped at the Today Show (2/2) in which he is participating.

the Kostas Fragulias He explained that leukemia was not his health problem, but rather the problem of someone close to him.

During yesterday’s “Happy Day” show, he characteristically said: “With leukemia, let’s say I had a little thing six years ago, he wanted 200k». His statement resulted in him receiving a lot of letters, as well Stamatina Tsimtsilis energy.

the Regina Macedo He did not leave his position vacant Costas Frangolias. She posted a picture with his statement and wrote: “And in everything there is! Shame on you! 1400 Greeks suffer from leukemia every year and are transferred to public hospitals without any participation! Shame on you! Disrespect for us who went through it. Disrespect for our doctors and clinics. Let’s talk together if you want where you have a step and say what to say. I was about to get leukemia. Come talk to me who has been suffering from a lot of leukemia for the last 3 years now. Shame. I’ve received dozens of letters from leukemia patients.”

today, therefore, Kostas Fragulias Explain exactly what happened. As he himself said on air on “Happy Day,” he meant one thing and said another by mistake.

«They sent me a lot of messages. The mistake is mine and I apologize because I wanted to say that I “looked it” and not that I “got over it”. Someone very close to me went through it many years ago.”special said Kostas Fragulias.

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