February 5, 2023

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Frames, old water heaters and tiles supported by the new “Save” program – Newsbomb – News

new program”I’m saving» Adapts to the new conditions posed by the country’s climatic data

New opportunities to upgrade energy for the home with government support With programs expected to open in the near future for thousands of families. they change Tires and water heaters – solar renewal as well as full bathroom renovation Some options will be available to interested parties.

new program”Save 2021»Adapts to new conditions
It is formed by the climatic data of the country and European directives
Union, at the same time according to the necessities of the times: Citizens needs, climate change, digitization, new technologies, etc.

Among the options that will now be available to citizens is to change the replacement of the solar water heater, through government support, into the “device change” program model, which was “in operation” a few months ago. TThe Ministry of Environment I set the goal of replacing the old solar panels with new modern solar panels at a purchase cost of 800-1000 euros.

Solar energy application platformIt is expected to open at the end of the year, while a program to install photovoltaic cells will also be “run”, with estimates talking about 20% savings. The process of the subsidy program for the replacement of old energy-consuming water heaters and for the purchase and installation of solar panels will be “similar” to the “Save” and “Recycle – Change Device” programmes.

Read the entire program in detail here

Bathroom renovation in the new “Isicogano”

The new, expanded, and advanced ‘Savings’ program will now also include a ‘Refurbishment’ option, with the latter being offered in addition to government energy protection subsidies and funds to refurbish bathrooms.

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It is reported that Environment Minister Costas Skrekas announced the “Save – Renovate” program that will allow young people up to the age of 39 the opportunity to finance even the change of tiles in their homes.

What does the program cover?

The interventions eligible for the new program have a common ground with the traditional “Excoionamo” and accordingly the following are covered:

  • tire replacement,
  • external thermal insulation,
  • heating cooling systems,
  • domestic hot water supply systems,
  • Smart home appliances as well as simple household electrical appliances, which are foreseen in a separate program “Recycling – Device Change”.

Non-energy interventions include:

  • Renovation of bathrooms and replacement of sanitary ware.
  • renovation of kitchen areas,
  • entrance door replacement,
  • replacement and repair of electrical installations,
  • plumbing replacement and repair,
  • replace flooring surfaces,
  • Coatings and repair of structural elements.

tire replacement

After solar water heaters as well as bathroom renovations, tires take their turn because they provide better energy protection for the home as with new tires, heating loss is reduced.

So in the coming period, it is expected that the subsidies will allow interested citizens to change the doors and windows with new ones that can keep the heat inside and thus achieve a reduction in energy consumption.

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