May 23, 2022

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France faces first phase of presidential election


Photo: RHCHavana, Apr.10.- The first round of the presidential election in France began this Sunday in 96 metropolitan areas, with about 49 million people invited to vote and 12 candidates in the race.

At 08:00 local time, the ballot tables were opened and the first results of the elections, which began the previous day in foreign regions, will be known from 20:00.

As happened on Saturday, this Sunday’s election silence is in effect, which translates to a ban on candidates’ campaigns for the Elysee Palace and the publication of polls, programs and interviews, although the media can give people the moment when politicians exercise the right to vote.

Polls held until Friday unanimously echoed the support of President Emmanuel Macron and the far-right leader Marine Le Pen on April 24. If it is confirmed today, the re-emergence of fighting is predicted to take place in the second-fifth. Years ago.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of La Francia Insumisa, finished third in the campaign, although he also had the option of returning to the polls in two weeks.

Meanwhile, far-right Eric Gemmore and conservative Valerie Beckres are out of the question after finishing second in pre-match opinion polls.

The list of candidates was finalized by the National Secretary of the Communist Party, ecologist Yannick Jadot, the Socialist Mayor of Paris Fabian Russell, Ann Hidalgo, deputies Jean Lazale and Nicolas Dupont-Aiken, the new anti-capitalist representative. Party, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud, spokeswoman for the labor struggle.

According to predictions for this presidential election, absentee ballots could be as high as 30 percent, threatening the record of not voting in the 2002 election (28.4). (RHC)

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