December 2, 2023

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France: the country collapsed for pension

France: the country collapsed for pension

The number of demonstrators exceeded 700,000 demonstrators in the streets of Paris yesterday, Tuesday (7/3). Trade unions on the proposal Pension reform, holding the sixth consecutive “Day of Action” against the bill that would, among other things, extend the retirement age from 62 to 64. This is the largest anti-pensions protest march since the beginning of the movements in mid-January.

The strike continues today in transportation, refineries, universities and schools. Meanwhile, the French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC has asked airlines to cancel 20% of their flights at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport tomorrow, Thursday (9/03) and Friday (10/03). A statement said that up to 30% of flights at smaller airports in France, such as Orly Airport and those of Lyon and Toulouse, may also be cut.

A small scale riot occurred yesterday afternoon at a rally in Paris And in other cities, with 11 arrests recorded in the city of Rennes. Security forces also clashed with demonstrators, members of the notorious “black blocs”, shortly after the rally ended in the capital’s municipal 13 district.

Truck drivers blocked major highways with roadblocks yesterday, while state-run railways, metro and bus operators advised users yesterday to “choose to work remotely”. At a meeting yesterday, railway union bosses pledged to toughen their stance in the coming days, with strikes continuing 24 hours a day across the network. Flight departures from Paris airports were reduced by 20% to 30% yesterday, while more problems with flights are expected today due to the air traffic controllers’ strike. According to the unions, 60% of the professors participated in yesterday’s rally.

In a poll yesterday, the Ifop polling institute showed that 65% of French people support the continuation of the anti-pensions protests. 74% of employees, 79% of the unemployed and 83% of industrial workers support a tougher stance on trade unions.

The share of 76% of Marine Le Pen’s National Front voters who approve the left-wing trade unions’ proposal for a permanent strike is impressive. But the party’s chairman, Jordan Bardella, said that “blocking the country is not a solution”.

The office of the “Ennahda” coalition led by Macron issued a stern warning to the ruling coalition yesterday in the National Assembly, threatening to dismiss and exclude the group and parliamentary committees, any deputies who vote against reforming the pension system or abstain from voting on it, at any time and anywhere. takes place. The controversial bill is currently being debated in the opposition-controlled center-right upper house, and its final form is expected to be submitted to the National Assembly for a vote on March 12. The government’s attempt to debate the bill in the National Assembly ended in a fiasco on February 17, as the government invoked an article in the constitution allowing the time limit for debate on bills to be 20 days, aiming to preempt stalling tactics. Left opposition.

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