February 5, 2023

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From a conversation about 13 Olympiacos players… | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K writes. Nikolakopoulos blogs in the OJ about 12 “red and white”, from Marcelo and Samassikou to Leidner and Buller.

To complete today the feeling left by the rest of the Olympiacos players in the first test in Spain against Huddersfield.

Who is the main…

Christianson. He didn’t have a job. I think he should have been more precise with his transitions.

doe. I think his least good performance since Mitchell pitched him. At least three times he behaved badly in and near Olympiacos. His passing wasn’t very good either. After some time, he improved and performed instrumental operations. I want to hope it is lonely and the little stopper recovers.

Marcelo. He played as a starter for the first time, for 60 minutes. His good left foot provided some good passes from behind, while also showing he has it with the right. Passes, however, are not critical to a stage, except for one starting opportunity. The good thing is that he was ready to attack, to participate in the development of the team, while at the beginning of the game, when he had more strength, he tried two shots, which were saved. The bad thing is that the opposing wingers got past him very easily when he was one-on-one and they easily made a pass to his back.

samasiko. Mitchell has him alongside Ghasemi in the second midfield role, tasked with what he knows best, which is to press the opposition, even if it is too high, close to their area. A rather positive presence, although it is clearly lacking something more in terms of technique. But he cut, stole, tackled, pressed, headed and made some good moves, the main one being of course a volley from the height of the semi-circle with the ball sold to him and narrowly crossed.

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Ojibo. The coach had him play outside most of the time, while also briefly putting him in the round of 10, when Fortounis was out. Its use clearly has something to do with Mitchell’s desire for Olympiacos to become better at pressing, especially at higher presses. In fact, Agyebu had the team’s two best snatches of the match, but while in the first he passed correctly to Bale, in the second instead of taking advantage of the opponent’s goalkeeper’s mistake, he did not shoot and did not make a good pass. And as soon as he advanced well, in the moment of the final match, he was confused and did nothing again. He’s clearly lost faith in himself – and I don’t know how he’s going to get it back.

bakaboo. With very good movements in and out (see first goal start) of the area, active, with partnerships, but not for the first time annoyingly misplaced. Of the three goals he conceded, at least two were scored by a slightly mediocre striker. Even in the fourth inning where he could have scored more energy, he fumbled the end and didn’t even make a shot. He works with pressure and steals what Mitchell’s most demanding game demands, but if he keeps it up he’ll be fine (hasogolis).

Those who change…

Tsolakis. Once he gets a hard cross, he shows good reflexes and preparation.

Kalogeropoulos. Show good cooperation with Vrusai and Retso.

Ledner. He’s clearly out of his depth, probably not without reason, since he’s never played for Olympiacos before, not even in a friendly match. On the other hand, he has been in the team for more than two months and has not shown any adjustment. There are five movements that we can judge. Forward three: poor pass without pressure, cut cross and good run and partnership with a pipe, no comparable finish. And two behind him: an ineffective defense and a pass to his back.

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Dumbo. Especially at the start of his debut in Olympiacos, he caused concern. He played for 21 minutes in the 10-man role, and it is worth noting the good moves, even without being tackled, to come out as a hidden catcher in the passes of Embilas et al. On the other hand, he produced a sophisticated pass that resulted in a Huddersfield counterattack and a foul by Ritsu to stop it, while he was easily passed into a frontal attack from the pivot.

archer. He didn’t ‘get into’ the game much and should have done more in the 29 minutes he played, but we can focus on two of his actions, a very clever pass to Arabi and a good movement and shot but totally out of place. .

source. Very dangerous already in 29 minutes of play. However, unfortunately, he again missed two or three good chances to score. In three other cases he got creative with good actions, while in a fourth he didn’t manage the ball as well as he should.

Arabi. He made amends and entered four (!) Goal stages, also playing as a substitute from the 61st minute. He scored a goal with a “dynamic” finishing touch, was late in one of the previous stages, missed a shot from a fairly good position and could have scored from it.

These, because I owe them.

accidental: Manager’s office representing the ‘red and white’ goal Kownacki, 25-year-old Polish international Fortuna Dusseldorf striker, is in contact with Olympiacos. Simply because it has Bouchalakis and Koutris…