February 5, 2023

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From the first text message sent to today

basic short message Start texting. The developer wrote “Happy Birthday” Neil Papworth on his computer by sending the first text message on December 3, 1992 to the mobile phone of Vodafone CEO Richard Jarvis. But he did not receive any response. 30 years ago, there were no cell phones with the right technology to allow them to send and receive text messages. But that changed after only 15 months.

The first signal to start sending SMS was given after 15 months in Hanover at the CeBIT computer fair in 1994. In the years that followed, there was a huge boom in text messaging. In 2012, German citizens sent nearly 60 billion messages, which is a record year! By that time, prices had already fallen significantly. When SMS became popular, mobile network providers charged very high fees for text messages of 160 characters.

in Germany Each message usually cost 39p, and with the introduction of the euro the price did not change significantly, since each SMS cost 19p. Billions of text messages have created huge cash flows for businesses. In 1998, the mark of one billion text messages sent in Germany was passed for the first time. However, due to the increasing competition, the prices have been on a downward trend. So consumers today pay a fixed monthly rate, which usually includes SMS and a limit on phone calls.

Technology has outgrown SMS

The emergence of messaging services over the past decade has had a significant impact on mobile operators, who are unlikely to charge extra for SMS. In 2009 it appeared on the market The WhatsAppa service that helped instant messaging penetrate the market leading to a shrinking of text messaging,” says Bernard Rollender, CEO of German digital association Bitkom.

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According to data from the Federal Network Agency, the number of SMS messages sent in 2021 was about 7.8 billion, which is a relative rebound according to Bitkom’s calculations from 2020 when the total number was around 7 billion. However, SMS still plays an important role in the digital age. Simple SMS can work on any mobile phone and does not require an internet connection or separate registrationsays Bernhard Rollender. Many payment services, such as banking, also use text messaging to verify an individual’s identity.

SMS remain to this day

At first, sending messages wasn’t a particularly easy process. Older cellphone users may remember cellphones that only had digits from 0 to 9. Each of these digits is assigned a number of characters and letters which require multiple button presses to activate. For this reason, many have been used as they are to this day abbreviations For example HBD which means happy birthday, a suitable wish for the same sms today!

Today, however, smartphone users can simply dictate messages with their voice. Research conducted by Bitkom records that half of users dictate their messages this way. There is also no limit to the characters one can send.

Written communication is still very popular. In 2021, nearly 800 million messages are sent per day in Germany via smartphones and various messaging services, including SMS. In other words, an average of 10 to 20 messages are sent to a mobile phone per day. However, the classic SMS is only a fraction.

source: German wave

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