June 1, 2023

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Galitia’s Deputy Mayor Lazaros Laskaritis hospitalized with serious injuries – Newsbomb

Lazaros Lasgaridis, journalist and deputy mayor of Kallithea, was seriously injured when he fell from the building into the void.

The deputy mayor of Kallithea and journalist Lazaros Laskaritis, who fell from a building and had a serious accident, is being treated at the “Georgios Gennimatas” hospital, seriously injured with brain injuries.

Mr. Lascaritis – step otamagazine.gr – Attended the opening ceremony of the library in memory of the late Deputy Mayor Theodoros Salitopoulos in Andromachis Street. At one point he touched the balcony railing and was seriously injured in the void as a result. EKAV was immediately informed and an ambulance took him to hospital.

The Lazarus Lascaritis

The Lazarus Lascaritis A Greek journalist and political editor, member of the Athens Daily Newspapers Editors’ Association.

A professional since the age of 20 (1988), he has worked among others at Auriani, Akropolis, Gavros, Demokratikos Logos, Eleftheros, Isotimia, Niki, Paraskevi +13, To Pontiki, Radio Athens and radio stations. He has worked in Athens 9.84, TV stations Channel 29, Alter 5, Tempo, TV Praeus and Seven and in the press offices of the Ministries of Interior, Aegean, National Security, Development, Health and Social Solidarity, Foreign Affairs, Infrastructure and Transport. and press representative position of Administrative Reform and Social Contract.

He has been an elected member of the Joint Council of ESIEA (1996-2007) and the Board of Directors of the Cultural Organization of Kallithea Municipality (2007-2010).

He is the president of “TORA Kallithea LAZAROS LASKARIDIS”, the only municipal unit in Kallithea, formed by citizens who have never been involved in politics and none of whom are party members. In the May 18, 2014 elections, as a candidate for mayor of Kallithea, he received 1,445 votes, a percentage of 3.59%, and was elected as a municipal councilor.

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He was re-elected as the Kallithea Municipal Councilor in the municipal elections held on 26 May 2019, as the mayoral candidate of the coalition he led, receiving 1,762 votes and a percentage of 4.49%.

The faction “TORA Kallithea LAZAROS LASKARIDIS” also participated in the municipal elections, which for the first time took place at the same time as the municipal elections on May 26, 2019, but in a separate ballot box. He elected one councilor in each community of Kallithea with the following votes and percentages: 1st (Central Kallithea) with 1,051 votes and 7.22%, and 2nd (South Kallithea) with 993 votes and 7.68%. and 3rd (north of Kallithea) with 630 votes and 6.71% percentage.

At the Kallithea Municipal Council meeting on September 6, 2014, the House elected Lazaros Lasgaridis as a member of the Municipality’s Finance Committee.

He was re-elected as a member of Finance Committee of Kallithea Municipality by the city’s Municipal Council during its March 5, 2017 meeting. of the Finance Committee, on September 9, 2019,

In the newspaper Paraskinio, in 2016, the books “To tell your fate” and “The Virgin of Dinos save the king” were published, which reveal the unknown aspects of the political history of modern Greece” Since September 6, 2019, he works. Culture and Citizen Service Centers of the Municipality of Kallithea As Deputy Mayor.