February 6, 2023

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Gang-rape in Ilion: Accused’s SMS shocking – “Turn off videos because they are looking for you”

Shocking new information has emerged in a shocking 15-year gang rape case Ilian.

The developments in this case are shockingThe wanted youth is expected to appear before authorities and plead guilty tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Meanwhile, another 15-year-old man involved was jailed today. From the initial case file with 8 defendants, two minors, two 15-year-olds, one of whom was not identified as a Bulgarian national.

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Ilian: 15-year-old boy shock – “When they said, I knew they were going to start – I told them to stop, it hurt…”

Ilian-gang-rape: ‘I can’t watch videos a second time,’ says defendant’s lawyer

The SMS sent by the defendants to each other

Meanwhile, according to the Star, the accused tried to cover their tracks in the days leading up to their arrest, as seen through messages from conversations between the two.

Defendant 1: So if you have videos, delete them because they are looking for you.

Accused 2: I don’t have any.

Defendant 1: Well, I’ll tell you if you have. Ask others to turn off too.

In fact, the same person also contacted another defendant.

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Defendant 1: So far I haven’t seen them anywhere, I don’t know how that happened.

Accused 2: I mean they are looking for you.

Defendant 1: Aren’t they looking for you too? I heard something like that.

Accused 2: They overcharged me. I wasn’t in the video as far as I can remember.

Contact with victim

According to the Star, the same defendant had an affair with the 15-year-old complainant and gang-rape victim. The reason she contacted him was to convince him that he was not among the criminals.

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Accused: Brother, why do I owe you? I’m not even in the video. Do you have a problem with me?

Complainant: With what usually happens and people who have done it, I have.

Accused: Well, let me say it personally.

Complainant: You mean you never did?

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Category: Why bro? I’m not targeting you at all.

Complainant: Don’t make fun of me now.

Accused: No, I’m not kidding you.

Complainant: Don’t you remember talking about what happened to the kids in my class when I got to school?

Accused: what; not at all;

Complainant: When you came to school.

Accused: I said something. I have not shown the video to anyone. I don’t even have that.

Complainant: You also participated. Don’t say you didn’t participate. I remember well.

Accused: What are you talking about? Are you serious; are you crazy

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