February 7, 2023

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Giannakopoulos is indignant: “Immunity in the mafia – 6-12 instead of 9-9!” (photo)

Panathinaikos managed to give … give Fener a match of his own, mainly taking advantage of the opportunity for a psychological recovery, while Radonjic clearly showed his intentions by leaving Grigonis at … zero.

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What if o Panathinaikos He seemed a huge improvement on his disappointing performance of late, even with a win against him Lanternonce again left the court empty-handed, with the third case of overtime on Oka Being “dope” too, because it didn’t come with a victory, a victory that was absolutely necessary for the team to get a little bit of a grip on themselves, mainly psychologically.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that this time the match went into five minutes of extra … I committed suicide “Six stars(As opposed to Wins vs Virtus, Armani) who was superior to his team Dimitris Itodis For 40 minutes, he found himself at +5 with seconds remaining (78-73), but saw victory slip out of his grasp. Instead came a sixth consecutive defeat, continuing the slump.

After an excellent basket dowry (-34”) +5 looked able to drive”trilobiteOn returning to success after a month and five consecutive defeats, to put some balm on his wounds, but he made sure to kick the opportunity…

Take a fastball out Edwards Although Radonik He took a timeout, and the ensuing possession was lost, as for me Unjustifiably closed, because there was no help without gratuitous, the pass went to Goodrichwho converted the triple-pointer and equalized (-24”), tying the match With … strong suspicion that he stepped on the sidelines

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the Panathinaikos He closed his eyes, but the referees also… pushed him down after S poker Made a huge mistake dowry (-5 ”), but instead to point and get two shots o polishingwas awarded simply … in favor of the “greens”, who squandered both blows they had at the close of regular time, with Cured meat And dowry

A perfect combination of “suicide” and “robbery” resulted in him losing overtime for his account Hayes, to nullify the team’s excellent defensive performance, which dominated the rebound (45-31) with 26 offensive tackles, a sign of the team’s great effort, but it paid a high price for many unforced errors (18), with this of course in the last seconds. From normal time to prove decisive.

At the same time, its vast existence was canceled dowry (14 points, 12 rebounds) besides the usual leading scorer Cured meat (27 points) and incredibly honorable Judites (10 points, 7 rebounds, 8 fouls).

All this while Radonik Clearly demonstrated his intentions to manage the rotation, with Marius Grigonis To be in the 12th, but not in the field for a second, with the imposing DNP, cycling the entire game right behind the team bench. his message Technician from Montenegro It was clear to him Lithuanian starwho came to Oka With the potential to become the first violin this season, but for now… Andrews Calculate less than technical driving …

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