December 2, 2023

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Giorgos Liagas: The announcer got out of control – he threw the phone up in the air

Giorgos Liagas: The announcer got out of control – he threw the phone up in the air

“Shame! Go away!”

Giorgos Liagas is left out of his mind when he watches the Hellenic Train advertisement of the Hellenic Railways, a video showing a fictional reality compared to the Third World conditions prevailing in Greece.

The presenter started screaming and when at one point he received interference from his headset, he threw it up in the air and said, “Please! I’m not stopping at all.”

“Shame! Giorgos Liagas said afterwards of the Greek Railways.

“Get in the ads now. What are you looking at me for? Are you looking at me now?” Giorgos Liagas said to the embarrassed teammates and they went on a commercial holiday.

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And he had announced earlier his decision to stop dealing with the Tembe tragedy, because as he explained, he was disgusted with everything that was happening these days and confirmed that “the ball was lost and, as usual, it goes to another place.”

“These days you’ve seen me angry and upset. Yesterday I was following what’s happening on social media and channels. I feel disgusted on the one hand and emptiness and emptiness on the other. Last night I decided to stop working on the Temps topic. I said what I had to say. Journalist, I kept At an equal distance, I had to do what I had to do.

Seeing that in the last few hours you have lost the ball and as usual you go somewhere else, today will be the last day we will deal with it. It is no longer worth it. Instead of dealing with substance and responsibilities, I see that for a few hours now the ball has moved to another court and what matters now is what Kanakis says about Portosalt, what Portosalt says about Kanakis, what they say about Georgiadis, what Mousinas says.

I will not come out to judge anyone’s opinion. Portosalt, Mousinas and Kanakis are also doing well, and everyone has an opinion. But the game is going elsewhere. It saddens me, it deflates me. We started slaughtering each other again and coming up with chests of cursing each other, offering nothing.

I’m disgusted. I made a decision on my own, to never deal with it again. Today will be the last day, I tell you the truth. I said what I had to say. Does not make sense. In the little game that consists of personal grievances and quarrels and outcasts who have any one with a frame behind him, 57 coffins, go to put out each other’s eye, I am ashamed, I am disgusted, I am empty and I refuse to participate.”

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