April 1, 2023

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Giorgos Mavridis: “Guys, are we dead and don’t we know it? Where do we live? We’re doing great.”

Giorgos Mavridis, on the occasion of the current events of the past few days and especially after the tragedy of Tempe, wanted to express his sorrow as well as his questions about the position that politicians, journalists and broadcasters have chosen to take.

Giorgos Mavridis broke out through his personal Tik Tok account. Known tattoos, marking current affairs in recent days and especially after tragedy in tempe, He wanted to express it scourge From him but also about their questions, about the position they chose to maintain, politicians, journalists and broadcasters, while at the same time wondering if it was all an illusion.

the George Mavridis He specifically said: “Come on guys because it’s already been numb my head for a week now with everything going on. It still hasn’t stopped this thing with the 57 lives we lost out there in Tempe. What exactly is going on in this country guys? I’ve been watching you all for 10 days and I’m not talking.” “.

“I see journalists arguing with journalists, politicians, politicians, and journalists with journalists. Who is greater? Who has shorter? Who is to blame if it is his fault? If it is the other person’s fault?” he added.


“Today I hear an archbishop say we have these dead people because God punished us because we did the three-day carnival which is from Satan. Another government politician said in English that the Thessaloniki metro is functioning normally and working.

Hey guys, are we all dead and don’t we know it? Are we in a parallel universe? All this can’t be true, are we dreaming? What’s happening can’t be real, I have this feeling. I’m sorry I don’t know what to say really oh how are you all? What’s wrong with [email protected]? Does anyone else have this feeling? where do we live? I feel like I’m going out to see flying cars. What we are experiencing cannot be wrong.” complete.

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