February 6, 2023

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Golden Dawn trial: Pavlos Faizas’ accomplice violence trial ordered

A violent introduction to his girlfriend Paolo FizzaGiorgos Roupakias, who was sentenced to life in prison in the first instance, whose hands were cold after the murderous beating he received from the convicted felon, Athens’ five-member appeals court briefly ruled. Previously, the defense accepted a plea to February 3, 2023, with an agreed prosecution proposal.

Marina Daliani, a lawyer for Faiza’s family, asked the court to consider that all other avenues have been exhausted before making a decision on the violent case, with the president pointing out that the witness had been summoned and kept in a provincial town. .

“Show Rupagias”

Earlier, a policeman was questioned as a witness in court, who testified that it was Pavlos Faizas who lifted the blouse, showed them the wound and told them that Rupakyas had punched him.

“We were out of sight, we were wearing our helmets, we yelled at them to stop, they didn’t listen to us, we accidentally pulled Faiza back, then he told us that he had punched him, he picked him up. He showed us the shirt and the wound. Rupakyas had gone to his car to leave, and his Colleagues caught him,” the witness said.

The witness received “stringent” questions from the presiding judge of the five-judge Court of Criminal Appeal about how he had acted that night.

Chairman: If Faizas hadn’t said he stabbed me, would you have understood?

Witness: No, if he didn’t lift our shirt, we wouldn’t understand anything. We saw two people fighting. Throw kicks and punches.

CHAIRPERSON: Did Rupakias give any answer as to why he stabbed Faiza?

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Witness: I don’t remember.

CHAIRPERSON: You say he was quiet and calm.

Witness : He did not run, go quietly. Didn’t he realize what was about to happen? I do not know. I think he should run.

THE PRESIDENT: He doesn’t expect you to interfere, you haven’t done anything yet that he can get away with.

Witness: No, we did our best under the circumstances.