November 29, 2022

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“Golden Tax Evasion” 2.9 million euros from a well-known pawnshop in central Athens

vein… Tax evasion through gold Detect their auditors Independent Public Revenue Authority.

using your risk analysis software, They detect known strange tax behavior pawnshopin the center of Athens, and has branches in many cities of the country.

So when they visited the company, they searched its ledgers and digital records, and found the following:

Or notThe pawnshop forgot … to pay the stamp duty (3.6%) of 2.9 million euros on purchases of gold and other items from individuals, From 2016 to this year.

secondlyin its 2021 tax return, the company provided inaccurate data, as it did not include in the income the amount of gold exports it carried out, valued at 1.19 million euros.

auditors Imposing finesThe investigation now extends to tax statements made public for previous years.

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