June 3, 2023

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Google counterattacked – introduced its own ChatGPT so as not to lose leadership on the Internet

Google is counterattacking by taking its own moves to Incorporating AI chat features into its primary search engine (google search, chrome)which is currently the most popular in the world.

Alphabet, the parent company Googleit embarked on this modernization using AI tools as its competitors and mainly Microsoft with the chat threatens its dominance of the Internet for the first time in decades.

It is noted that Microsoft for ChatGPT’s revolutionary artificial intelligence systemCreated by startup OpenAI, It invested about 10 billion dollars, so that he can use it in the upgraded version of his own search engine, Bing. If the amount seems outrageous to some, it is enough to consider the benefits he would receive if he knocked Google out of the top.

According to The Economist, since 2011, the profits of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, have grown at a rate of 20% annually. The company has earned more than $300 billion with the largest percentage of profits coming from the search service. The company’s value has more than tripled, now to $1.3 trillion. in dollars, a size that ranks it among the top five most valuable companies in the world.

So it makes sense that Google would “run” to defend its dominant position. It was officially announced on Wednesday that it will use a chatbot, equivalent to ChatGPT, and PaLM2, which will be able to answer questions that, he said, “you never thought a search engine could answer.” Google promises that the new AI service will help users get information faster than ever before.

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How will it work

The new service will work as follows. When users type a query in the central search field, in addition to displaying traditional results, a window will appear with an answer from artificial intelligence. It will start using artificial intelligence Initially in the United States And for a limited number of users as announced by the company. Those interested can now join the queue for the new Google search.

Moreover, Google’s chatbot is not ready, but it is still in training. “It’s still very early days. We’ll continue to make changes in the near future,” Cathy Edwards, vice president of search engines at Google, told CNN. It also notes that Personal opinion has been intentionally removed from the chatbot. “We made a deliberate decision to just mirror information on the internet. He wouldn’t answer with ‘I think’ or express opinions about things. It’s not like a lot of other chatbots out there, Cathy Edwards noted.

side by side Google plans to expand user access to the existing chatbot as wellBard, which runs outside of the browser and is used for a number of tasks, consistent with ChatGPT tasks. Bard is expected to be available to all users in 120 countries and 40 languages ​​soon.