February 6, 2023

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Google Panic Over ChatGPT – Google

Recently launched AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT της OpenAI He alerted Google, according to a New York Times report.

Now, The New York Times They mention that Google plans to “showcase a version of its search engine with chatbot features this year” and showcase more than 20 AI-powered projects.

More recently, in December, we heard that Google executives were concerned that despite heavy investment in AI technology, its extremely rapid spread could damage the company’s reputation. But things are changing quickly. Last week, Google announced that it would be laying off more people 12,000 employees It focuses on artificial intelligence as an area of ​​primary interest.

There’s no set timeline for when we’ll see Google’s new AI-powered search, but slides obtained by the Journal suggest the projects will debut during May’s annual I/O conference. At this conference we saw many great projects of the company such as Duplex and Google Glass.

The situation is serious enough that the Times reported, among other things, that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin — who remain controlling shareholders of Google parent Alphabet — last month gave company leaders advice, approved plans and pitched ideas during Their meeting with executives. To talk about ChatGPT. He also points out that the re-approach of the company’s founders, an evolution after they stepped down from their day-to-day roles in 2019, came at the invitation of Google/Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.

The report also says that in the chatbot search demo, Google will prioritize “correct answers to ensure safety and weed out misinformation.” In this way, the company hopes to tackle the problem of artificial intelligence answering. It answers questions with confidence and clarity, but with misinformation, and it’s also working on ways to speed up audits that are supposed to check technology to see if it works in fair and ethical ways.

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New service launches mentioned in the report include an app that “creates and edits images,” an app for testing product prototypes, and a suite of tools other companies can use to create AI prototypes from within a browser window called MakerSuite. The company is also working on a code generation tool called PaLM-Coder 2 that is similar to the program copilot github by Microsoft and another that helps create apps for smartphones called Colab + Android Studio.

In recent years, Google has been treading carefully when it comes to launching new AI products. The company has found itself at the center of a debate about the ethics of AI after firing two of the field’s leading researchers, Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell. The pair have criticized AI language models, citing challenges such as their tendency to reinforce biases in the training data and to present false information as facts.

Although Google’s AI research is as advanced as that of other prominent technology companies, it has been subject to very little testing. For example, the company’s AI Test Kitchen app provides access to image and text creation tools similar to give her And chat from OpenAI. However, Google greatly limits the requests users can make to these systems. The company has already introduced some of its AI products with a focus on chat, including a non-public demonstration in 2021 of a system similar to ChatGPT.

And with the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT software, and the imminent threat of Google’s downfall, the company appears to be rethinking its tactics. In the past, Google has said that it has avoided launching some AI products due to “damaging its reputation.” Now, it seems like the fame she wants to avoid is that she’s “late.”

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