March 23, 2023

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Green fleas in the hay

Panathinaikos saw their 12th consecutive defeat in Madrid and Vassilis Sekondis is looking microscopically for some counterweight to another unconditional capitulation.

I apologize in advance for writing this in bulk, but as the Greek saying goes, eggs don’t necessarily dye!

which I mean; Here is the explanation.

Panathinaikos leaves Madrid His next destination on his second Spanish tour is Vitória, carrying the 12thto her Repeat defeat on Earth (from March 21, 2013 onwards) and 15to her In the last 16 games against the 10 European champions they play (real) five-minute basketball.

Five and say a lot!

As people get their spirits first and then their grunts, the Greens were suddenly caught in a traffic jam and were late to show up: when they (really) let themselves out on the pitch, they saw Real leave their dust, formerly by 21 points and seemed doomed to chase the Chimera, but And, as we know, these villains are elusive…

Dignity and anesthesia

Even as they settled their feet, went an 8-0 run and cut the lead to -11, they knew deep down that River wouldn’t come back and the only goal left for them was to suffer a dignified defeat, not a capture.

Perhaps they succeeded, the difference of 15 points is not a humiliation, but the question is how long the green organization will put up with this … anesthesia![όντωνδενσυνιστάδακαιταπείνωσηαλλάτοζητούμενοείναιμέχριπότεοπράσινοςοργανισμόςθασυμβιάβζεσταιμανηαησταιμανηη![όντωνδενσυνιστάδακαιταπείνωσηαλλάτοζητούμενοείναιμέχριπότεοπράσινοςοργανισμόςθασυμβιβάζεταιμεαυτήτην…αναισθησία!

The second question that arises is how, when and what Matt Thomas and Dimitris Agrafanis, who are integrated into the team, can change for the better, but the answer to this annoying question will be given in due time.

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as usual, therefore, Panathinaikos It has been weighed and measured and found desiring, and—to justify the mercurial style in my estimation—the counterweight to defeat and consolation must have to do with a few events which nonetheless did not affect the flow of things.

Grigonis lives!

The first is … the second coming of Marius Grigonis who took advantage of the absence of Mateusz Ponytka, was promoted to the role of Radonik, seized the opportunity and proved that he was alive!

The second concerns the vitality of Arturas Guditis, who fought with Tavares and really gave the fans a deafening punch, similar to that of Dwayne Bacon’s predecessors.

The third concerns the participation of Neocles Avdala, who will have to tell his schoolmates and brag that he has relaxed for 97 seconds in the Queen’s Palace.

Let me put in this package 2 points for regional center (sic) Giorgos Papagiannis and tsalimakias for Paris Lee and Pastakousi!

Looking for fleas and straw

Here’s the bad thing: When a team goes so far as to find fleas in the straw to justify their presence at the game, then fuck me and slip into a moonlit night!

On the contrary, many evils!

Where should I take them and where should I leave them, after all, the body language of many Panathinaikos players was enough and more than enough to show the problem and even from the start.

The Greens finished the first half shooting 4/21 and pressured the hosts to take an early double-digit lead and no worries when they turned it over and saw +21 dwindle to +11.

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Eddie Tavares stood up like a scarecrow and changed the attacking flow of Panathinaikos which at the same time was so weak in defense in coating the racket, the Real players feasted by scoring against the post.

the worst Rate

Without cooperation and communication in defense, without good and quick rotation of the ball and automation in attack, the Greens were forced from the very beginning to play the role of reserve and elimination, which they got in the second half of the third period (it turns out) was not even enough for life!

Or the other?

In addition to their lack of two-pointers (14/37 vs. 26/45) and their rebounding deficit (38 vs. 43), they were hit hard by a poor percentage, making just eight tackles and committing 16 errors. .

With this negative coefficient, you are not only re-examined, but demoted from high school to elementary school!

Unassisted bodyguard!

The single-digit record for finished passes is already a disappointing performance, aside from the fact that the team’s lead guard, Nate Walters at 22 minutes 45 seconds didn’t allow a single pass!

And no one, my testimony is census and sin (for I make it clear) I do not have!

At the end of a forced test by definition and preamble, Panathinaikos is left empty-handed and life goes on, along with the suffering and fear that grows and it is believed that the evil of a lost season will befall it.