December 3, 2022

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GTA 6: Rumors about its release date are intensifying

surely Microsoft Know more about its long-awaited release gta 6, As one of the major platform holders and so we have learned when we can expect it from an unexpected place.

In more detail, thanks to a document provided by the company as if to confirm the rumors about its disposition within the year 2024. In particular, in official government documents that has been filed To the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in response Sony And the Play Station regarding its acquisition Activision Blizzard, clearly speaks ofGrand Theft Auto VIThe assumed official title of the game.

As the company’s legal team mentioned in a paragraph: The highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI” movie is expected to be released within 2024.”

It is noteworthy that in The corresponding Sony response document 24 hours ago, another product launch date that has not been officially confirmed, this one Playstation 6 It was omitted, adding to speculation that the reference to the Rockstar Games title’s release date may be wrong.

It should be noted that in the fine print of the document, Microsoft cites the TechRadar article as a source, which is based on the Bloomberg report. He stated in that article that “Former and current Rockstar employees acknowledge that GTA 6 is still two years away from release, which means it will launch sometime in 2024.

Rockstar Games Publishing Company, Take twoSpeaking about the massive GTA 6 leak last September, he said that,Painfully disappointingThe event, however, confirmed that it would not affect its trading.

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