June 1, 2023

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The final lines of Todd Bohle’s guide “How to Ruin a Successful Team” were written on Tuesday night at Stamford Bridge. Today marks seven hundred days since May 29, 2021, when Chelsea were crowned European champions for the second time in their history. Twenty-three months feels like 23 football centuries.

Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea and “Cesarina” Marina Granovskaia worked for the general mandate on transmissions that strike awe in every client and have worked for years with Patek Philippe precision.

The blue edifice received its first major blow when the European Union and Great Britain decided to impose sanctions on the Russian oligarch in retaliation for the Russian invasion of Ukrainian lands. Abramovich was prosecuted, and with him, Chelsea were banned from selling tickets for their matches.

Despite all this and under the leadership of the manager who brought the second Champions League to southwest London, Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea managed to hold on, finishing third in the table and ensuring another participation in the major European tournament. The club’s move in May last year to the American funds of Clearlake Capital led by Todd Bailey created a short-lived euphoria. Tuchel’s early contact with the new ownership was due to the eyes of Cristiano Ronaldo. The American saw the Portuguese’s millions of followers on social media, but was oblivious to the rest of the “package” that interested Tuchel the most. Belli acted like the storms that hit his homeland. He sacked the entire management department overnight, including Granovskaya, while within three minutes he sacked the head of the medical team, Thierry Laurent, who had been at the club since 2005, via Zoom Communication. Billy Tuchel ordered to play aggressively, with a 4-4-3 system (that is, with 12 players) revealing half of his knowledge of the subject he chose to deal with.

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Potter’s and Achilles’ heel

And the mistakes continued with the dismissal of the German coach in September and his replacement with the suspicious Graham Potter. Magic did not follow the new coach, who saw the exit door open after seven months. Meanwhile, Bailey and the rest of the investors have spent €611m to bring 16 new young players to Stamford Bridge who are still in development and have yet to prove their worth at the highest level. In order to mislead the FFP, they agreed to multi-year contracts of up to eight years, which is effectively prohibited by UEFA regulations. Despite the amount of money they put in, they didn’t bother covering the team’s Achilles’ heel, the striker position. The only strikers on the list, Aubameyang and Fofana, are not included in the European list.

The errors seem endless. There are 31 players on the list, however, who do not fit in the dressing room at the Cobham Training Center, and as a result some of them have changed elsewhere.

black pages

Choosing Frank Lampard as a transitional solution until the end of the season proved to be another huge mistake. It was a personal decision by Todd Bailey due to the Englishman’s glorious past in the blue jersey and his experience as a manager at Stamford Bridge. Lampard is finally making history, but not the one he imagined. He became the first manager in Chelsea’s 118-year history to start with four defeats. During this time, Billy never stopped making blunders. He predicted that his team would beat Real Madrid 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu, but they lost 2-0.

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He began to come down to the dressing room and talk to the players, sometimes to encourage them and sometimes to get their ears, always with the indulgence of Frank Lampard. The English press report revealed that one of the senior stars of the team was so upset by Bailey’s loud statements and suggestions that he left the dressing room when the American was speaking and instructed his manager to find him another team.

Arsene Wenger also criticized Frank Lampard who said he had no problem seeing chiefs around the dressing room, with Asato saying “I don’t want others to do my job”. In fact, he put it as a condition in the contracts he signed and suggests that new coaches do the same.


The abdominal siphon does not stop anywhere. He plans to demolish Stamford Bridge and build a state-of-the-art stadium in its place without securing where Chelsea will play in the meantime. As a joke, the Englishman also took his proposal to hold an all-star game, when there is not a single empty day on the calendar.

Chelsea’s season effectively ended on Tuesday night when they were knocked out in the quarter-finals by Real Madrid for the second year in a row. Londoners will watch the upcoming Champions League matches from their sofa, while their coffers will be bled from the €100m loss.

In the last financial year, Chelsea recorded a loss of 121 million pounds (about 137 million euros) and cited the reason for the transition period from Abramovich to Pele and the other members of the consortium. It is expected that the losses will increase further, while at the same time the total debt exceeds 1.57 billion euros, most of which are due to Abramovich. Chelsea’s debt is nearly double that of rivals Tottenham Hotspur, second in the English Premier League. To cover some of the revenue losses, the Blues management decided to sell two of the best players to emerge from the club’s academy, Mason Mount and Connor Gallagher.

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