August 9, 2022

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Guinea: Despite good bac results, vocational schools operate in difficult conditions

Guinea: Despite good bac results, vocational schools operate in difficult conditions

#guinea While the general education schools achieved disastrous results in the various national examinations, the vocational training centers achieved a somewhat honorable performance, despite the difficult working conditions.

This year, technical and vocational schools in Guinea achieved the best results in the baccalaureate with an estimated pass rate of 84.94%, far from 9% in the general baccalaureate.

To gauge the effort behind this result, we went to the Donka Vocational Training Center, the first in the country. The director of this institution could not hide his joy: “After the results of the final evaluation at the end of the year, the CFP Donka team is very happy with this result. It is not surprising that today we have many first republics in various disciplines, as Madifing Keita points out. This director adds that : “25% of training time is devoted to theory and 75% to practice.”

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For the winners, it is a great satisfaction. This is the case of Abubakar Bangura in particular who said he was surprised: “I myself did not think I got to this level, but thanks to God, it became a reality.”

Today, the biggest challenge for this enterprise is the improvement of working conditions. That is why a project was launched informing the director of the institution: “It is a project initiated by the Minister of Vocational Training after his visit to our institution. He was amazed to see the difficult conditions in which we operate.”

Today, the Guinean authorities are mainly trying to encourage Guinean students to enroll in vocational training. At the moment, it is not won.

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