October 1, 2023

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Hamburg 3-0: With the scorer, Mavropano made a move to stay in the Bundesliga

Hamburg 3-0: With the scorer, Mavropano made a move to stay in the Bundesliga



Stuttgart took a decisive step to stay in the Bundesliga after beating Hamburg SV 3-0 in the first play-off for last place in the division in the new season, with Dino Mavrobano named top scorer.

the Stuttgart He cleared his presence in the new Bundesliga from a barrage of first blows, after imposing himself with 3-0 to Hamburgafter he was registered Dino Mavropano.

The Greek centre-back sent the ball into the net seconds after the game’s cross with a superb header from the height of the penalty corner.

The hosts were in control, winning a penalty that Ciro Djerassi could have converted, but Daniel Auer kept the score down.

Hamburg were coming off the bench in their second Bundesliga final, Heidenheim secured a direct promotion ticket thanks to a turnaround with goals in 90+3′ and 90+9′ and as his friends took to the field to celebrate

And the psyche was shattered at the beginning of the second half, when Jossa Wagnoman scored in the 51st minute and Djerassi in the 54th minute to seal the victory for Swabian. And in the 69th minute, Ansi Sohonen was also sent off nine minutes after entering the match, and the result was that the party in the stands of the “Mercedes-Benz Arena” did not end.

The second play-off match will take place next Monday (21:45), and if Stuttgart maintains the score, it will leave Hamburg for the sixth year in a row in the second division, despite being in the Bundesliga from its inception until 2018.

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