December 5, 2023

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Hands-on: dbrand’s Pixel 6 skin turns something into nothing

Hands-on: dbrand's Pixel 6 skin turns something into nothing

Nothing Phone (1) has a truly unique design – undeniable. LED avatars combined with the white interior look great. dbrand must have thought so too because they released skins thingwhich is the company’s none style version shredding skins.

dbrand sent me something skin for the Pixel 6 Pro and the Grip case has something leather on it. Both of them look absolutely fantastic and give a good look to the simplified version of the device’s internals. It contains all the major hardware parts of the Pixel 6 Pro but it’s bleached and shown. This design puts a lot of emphasis on the wireless charging coil while adding aluminum body accents around the device.

Something skins are only available in white, unlike Nothing Phone (1) which also features a black road. Black in a style like this probably won’t be as striking as white.

The skins also have plenty of exposed screws and a red dot, all of which are around Nothing Phone (1). dbrand does a really good job of emulating Phone Style (1) on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Currently, there are two Android phones that dbrand is making something skins – Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro. Both types of skins are based on dbrand teardown shapes and then customized to match the Nothing design language. Each complexion takes about a week to modify this simple and elegant look.

dbrand something skins on S22 Ultra iPhone 13 Pro Max Pixel 6 Pro

Something skins are also available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the MagSafe charging puck. dbrand says they’re working on Something skins for the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck too but there’s no exact date when they will be available. They will also monitor the order form to see if there is enough interest in other devices to make surface design useful.

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You can get new skins from Something for Pixel 6 Pro, or any supported device, from dbrand official website.

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