November 30, 2022

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He “bent” on TV for his son

He talked about his relationship with his former partners and their son who came to Athens Dimitris Corgialasin an interview with TV on Thursday morning, November 3rd.

The musician noted the connections he maintains to this day with his former partner, Fotini Psychedo. When he spoke of his son Thanasis, Demetris Corgialas wept with emotion.

“My son is my world. Thanasakis came to Athens, he lives with his mother. Moving is difficult, I understand that, but he is … Kurgyalaki. I will do it ” The singer clearly moved.

Regarding how his son passed from Nafpaktos to Athens, Dimitris Corgialas replied: “Fotini asked the child to come to Athens and you can never say no to my mother. We were not married to Fotini, we did not enter into a cohabitation agreement, so there is joint custody. Above all is the child. I was mom and dad together.”

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In response to a question about whether he was able to maintain good contacts with his former partners, including EurydiceAnd the singer replied: “Are you crazy that I’m on good terms? Only with the first, Demetrola, whom I love and adore. I love them all but I don’t know. And I love Eurydice, but…there is no connection.”

Regarding the possibility of rebuilding his life, creating a new relationship and family, Dimitris Corgialas was candid: “I’m never having a family again, and I’m not having a relationship. I have a relationship, Thanasis. End. You’re done.”

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