December 7, 2022

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He “eliminates” Photio, and she is stepped on by Sagalotos

SYRIZA’s leadership saw a fig leaf in the “deletion” of Theanos Photio from the parliamentary front the day after the intra-party “storm” caused by the intervention of a SYRIZA MP on the surveillance issue. In addition to another political boost to Majority and Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, Ms. Photio has a rich background that the entire forum lacks.

The reason the oligarchs are attacking the government with slurs is because they are unhappy with the delivery of the rescue fund and the NSRF, said the SYRIZA MP, who admits that there is not a little – not much – which caused fear. : “…what we are seeing today with businessmen, they may not be happy with the way you have distributed the money, today they are exposing the wiretapping scandals one by one, because you wiretapping issue is directly related to the 72 billion of the Recovery and Resilience Fund and the NSRF?” A former minister in the Tsipras government said.

Why didn’t he come today to explain his position? why did you hide Is the SYRIZA minister responsible for the disappearance of the disabled in the Access Integration Bill? Fierce whispers in the corridors of Parliament were followed by intense reactions from Goumounduro’s top officials, the “song”…

After angry consultations, Tsipras, a former government minister, was forced to issue a clarifying statement to limit the damage it had brought on Syriza. However, that did not ease the political pressure caused by the unanswered questions surrounding Theanos Fotiou’s absence. For example, why didn’t she come forward to explain her position, if she didn’t cover up, how could it be explained that the SYRIZA minister responsible for people with disabilities was missing from the bill to integrate access for people with disabilities.

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At the same time, the experienced lawyer, with a new public appearance, tried to save the excuses from the placement of Montsouranis, but again he was counting without “53”. After all, Euclid Tsagalotos and the positions he expressed gave more support to the blue-collar criticism that the counter-narrative about surveillance looked like a “sweater” being pulled off by Syriza executives. SYRIZA – as accused – tried to hide the reality with the “removal” of Theanos Photio, but Euclid Tsagalotos did not provide the political “lifeline” that SYRIZA’s leadership was looking for, but pulled away.

Grosso Modo repeated the same positions as Theano Fotio, the leader of the “53”, as the Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis found on behalf of the majority. Because that’s what the follow-ups show. The problem with oversight is primarily a problem of democracy and transparency, but also a problem of the country’s economic management, how you think public money should be spent.”

Mrs. Contrary to Photio’s case, Koumoundourou does not force Euclid Tsagalotos to issue a clarifying statement. Instead, he tried to show that both interventions were moving across party lines.

The fact that the wiretapping issue was buried by the government and the financial interests that supported it was interpreted by seasoned sources as a clear attempt to shake off the hypocrisy identified with Koumoundourou’s involvement.