December 4, 2022

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He responds to Nikos Moratidis for calling him “useless”

in his comments Nikos Muratidis That mattered to him, he wanted to answer Christos Menedatis By sharing it on social media.

“He didn’t do anything, he’s been trying for years…He has a voice but nothing special. There are a lot of useless people who don’t need them” It was Nikos Moratidis’ place at Christos Menedatis’ Breakfast.

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In turn, the popular singer responded to him through a lengthy text that he posted on his account Instagram.

In his Instagram Story, Christos Menedatis wrote:

“Given Mr. Moratidis’ strict standards, I thank him because he thinks I have a good voice (although nothing special). When people are slowly getting out of things, they need to keep an eye on developments before expressing their opinions.”

If he thinks I’ve done nothing in my career, he should just look at my discography, as well as a constant presence in the good nightclub scene for about twenty years. Regarding the term ‘useless’ and since it concerns me personally, I must say that if I were such a thing, the place I have served with love for so many years, I would have sent me home and I would have done something else with it my life.

Finally, because I like that everyone can express their opinions freely, I truly consider someone who has made an impressive career in his field, is universally recognized for his talent, and who, in his own words, has accumulated huge sums of money from his work. His presence in the music and TV business (as Mr. Moratidis) and now he’s protesting publicly because he’s struggling and can’t pay a bloated PPC bill. That’s it…. with my love”.

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