October 1, 2023

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He would make with Lingr the most expensive transfer of the past 14 years

He would make with Lingr the most expensive transfer of the past 14 years

Panathinaikos needs a footballer with the competitive characteristics of Audrey Lenger and with his transfer he will make the most expensive move of the last 14 years.

How much Panathinaikos needs a footballer with competitive characteristics and the quality of Audrey Lenger, it was largely “answered” in the second half of the completed season, as the “greens” lost contact with the “easy” goal after Aitor’s serious knee injury. They are generally more predictable on the field.

Because the Czech international midfielder has a “package” that is not so easily found in the “market”: goals, passes, excellent executions and decisions in the attacking third and much more in the opponent’s “box”, correct positions and great acumen combined with football.

And all this at the age of 24, with his contract expiring in one year and creating (now) the possibility of negotiating with Slavia Prague, because he himself chose to take his next step, rejecting offers to renew his contract.

For all these reasons, Ivan Jovanovic gave the Czech “green light” from last January, although Slavia did not want to give it up at that time, so as not to weaken further in the title battle with Sparta. But now the circumstances and data are different.

Slavia’s new proposal does not “bake” Linger

Slavia returned in the last 48 hours with a new (third) proposal to Linger to extend his contract (which, although he had a higher salary, still did not “bake” him, having decided to take the next step abroad), while at the same time In open negotiations with “Alfalfa” to sell.

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Last January, the Czechs initially cost Linger more than 6 million euros, until they “lost” Olaginka as a free agent, who joined Red Star and then “cut off” any talk at the time of further losses of key players.

Now all the talk on the part of Slavia (under the pressure of the player’s contract, which expires in one year and from January can be closed wherever he wants) started with more than 5 million euros, but … the trends are down.

Linger amount

Panathinaikos entered the negotiations with an offer of €3m and their willingness to offer another €1m in (feasible) participation, goal bonuses and possibly also a small percentage of the resale.

The Czechs estimate that there may be scope for an agreement between the two sides, for an amount exceeding a total (with immediate payment, bonus, plus percentages) of €4 million.

And in fact, there is a general feeling that the whole process will not take much time, on the one hand, because Slavia wants to plan the new season with all the facts on the table, and on the other hand because Panathinaikos also wants to “close” the specific (main) front or see its other options, then He moved on to his next moves (right wing-back, stopper, left-back), before leaving for Austria on 25 June, the main stage of his preparations.

However, what does not change is the fact that if the discussion reaches these prices (approaching a total of 4.2 to 4.3 million euros) and if there is a deal, Lingr will become Panathinaikos’ most expensive transfer in the last 14 years. Any of the era of multiple contributions and much more during the days of Alafouzou in the PAE “green” commons.

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In general, it will exceed the 3.5 million euros that Panathinaikos paid last summer to Sporting Lisbon for Andraz Sporer, and in net terms will amount to more than the money that “Alfalfa” gave to Liverpool in the summer of 2009 in order to acquire it. Sebastian Leto (4 million euros). After the above, only the purchases of Gabriel Cisse (8 million euros in Marseille in the summer of 2009) and Michaelis Constantino (8 million euros in Iraklis in the summer of 2001).