December 3, 2022

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Heating allowance: 31 days to apply – Newsbomb – News

The flow of orders was great during yesterday’s first day of production myheating platform.

Home applications must be submitted by December 9th on the myheating platform To receive heating allowance, with the first payment to be paid to the old beneficiaries on December 21, 2022. The above will actually receive as an advance the full amount that was granted to them in the previous year.

On the AADE myHeating platform, managers of apartment buildings with a shared stove choose an apartment mileage management application.

With this application, the administrator-actor enters dApartments For the apartment building / the apartment building and the participation of each of them in the costs heating in millimeters. Only an administrator can change this information until they enable the feature PayThat is, until December 9, 2022.

especially, Residential building managers and tenants They should know that it is mandatory to announce the participation of thousands in expenses heating For all apartments in an apartment building to create its overall image (open / closed – belonging to natural or legal persons). The assignment must be valid throughout the year, while thousands of apartments must total 1,000 in order for the payment feature to take effect.

Residential building managers or representatives or apartment building management companies will post the following information on myHeating:

  • The VAT number of the official or person representing the apartment building or the apartment building management company,
  • Residential building VAT number, if any,
  • The number of common electricity supply or corresponding source of electricity for the apartment building,
  • Sharing of thousands of apartments in heating costs,
  • The full name of the natural persons residing in apartments that are not used as commercial accommodation.
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After completing the above information, activate the process Pay. This activation cannot be made after December 9, 2022.

Possibility Pay It is activated even when one is sent Beneficiary application. You can see this by the “there is an app” indicator located to the right of the apartment details.

In the purchase documents heating oil The VAT number and the number of common power supplies must match those you entered in the management of heating meters.

If it is issued purchase price For residential building and want purchase documents heating oil To be issued to him, you will have to set the TIN for the apartment building in the personal files by selecting the relevant link “Select TIN”. After that, it is not possible to change or delete the tax number of the apartment building. to caution! Even if a Payer Identification Number (TIN) is assigned to an apartment building, the tax identification number of the official/representative will be indicated in the tenants’ applications.

In the event of a change of administrator, a new apartment building profile must be created by the new administrator. The tenants/owners will send their applications to the new profile created with the new manager’s VAT number. The new admin should not forget to activate the push feature because this is a new profile.

in Request they families who pay heating expenses through subscribed users, additionally enter the payment receipt number of the subscribed users or alternatively their payment notification number (if the payment receipt has not already been issued when placing the order), the VAT number of the manager or person representing The apartment building or the administrative company of the apartment building, as well as the amount attributable to the beneficiary.

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