December 6, 2023

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He’s Spent 22 Years Scanning Every PS2 Game Guide!

He’s Spent 22 Years Scanning Every PS2 Game Guide!

The gaming industry has left brochures behind in the retail editions of games for many years. However, before the age of the internet where any information was available with a single click, it was a tradition and obligation from the publishing company to include a booklet with essential information for each game.

But do you imagine that these brochures get lost over time? However, a person and a gaming enthusiast, he could not even stand this idea.

The reason behind Kirkland’s dedication, as reported by Kotaku over two decades And the Several thousand dollars to collect evidence Every PS2 game released in the US. What is the reason behind this move? To archive them digitally so they are not lost over time.

This amazing feat was accomplished by Kirkland directly in Twenty-second birthday From the legendary PlayStation 2 released on October 26 in the US (November 24 in Europe). So, 22 full years And the $40,000 laterHe can say he succeeded.

“A lot of us miss these things and want our kids to enjoy what we did,” Kirkland said. He also defended game preservation efforts by various groups, but noted that “Without the manuals, we wouldn’t know how to play it. “

I used to get the new ones when it went down to $20 for the first 800 and then started collecting used sports in good condition.’, he also mentioned, adding that he had to look for alternative versions, a process that seemed to be endless.

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The complete collection consists of more than 2000 directories and titles and you can find them one by one in the Internet Archive by clicking here.

Kirkland’s next goal is to digitize the manuals of all PS1 titles, having already reached 300 since completing his first mission.

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