November 29, 2022

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His grandmother “gone”, the woman who stood as a mother in the family

Grief spread in his family Andreas Giorgio He lost his beloved grandmother who stood by his side with his three brothers like a mother when they lost their mother to AIDS at a young age.

The famous actor and author of the series “The Land of Olives” with One another touch On social media said goodbye The woman he admired more than anyone else in his life, the one who took care of her daughter to the end and who promised her grandchildren that they would be together forever.

Actor’s post:

“The first word I said was ‘my grandmother’..she was the woman who taught me to fight, to stay alive, to be strong…someone who was always there, rock..all the important moments in my life since I was a baby, that number Who taught me respect and dignity! It was my little friend, my man.

The man who took care of her daughter, my mother, in serious AIDS, and at the same time she closed her eyes on her deathbed, carried the four of us in her arms, me and my three brothers, and kept telling us, So we shall remain united! And he succeeded. She stood strong against racism and taught us to look people in the eyes so we can forgive and understand them.. “In their place we might have done the same,” she said..

I liked her, I loved her and I never imagined that this time would come … “The time will come when I leave” she told me and I did not let her continue this conversation, I did not accept her, I did not imagine that .. “But in Jay Ina I live with the mountains” He told me laughing. Well done my queen! Well done in everything..we did it will always be our leader”

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