April 1, 2023

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Honor unveiled its first silicon-carbon battery

The phone battery sector has been relatively stagnant, considering the leaps and bounds of recent years in processors, displays, and cameras. However, Honor introduced the mobile industry’s first silicon-carbon battery, which promises an energy density 12.8% higher than current lithium-ion batteries with a graphite electrode.

In practical terms, this means that a phone with a standard 5,100mAh battery like the new Honor Magic5 Pro, if it uses a silicon-carbon battery, will have a capacity of 5,540mAh.

Information during the presentation from the company’s CEO, George Gao, was limited, but two infographics were presented that give us more information. When the lithium battery reaches a potential difference of 3.5V, it is exhausted immediately. At these voltages, the silicon-carbon battery has 240% more capacity, resulting in the 12.8% overall improvement we mentioned above.

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